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Slots Casino Games | Find Your Favourite Theme

 Slots Casino Games & Video Reel Themes Slots are undoubtedly the most popular games that casinos offer. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about our amazing HD slot themes. Play slots casino games with extra bonus spins offers or for real money using phone credit and have fun exploring a range of different slot themes.

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It’s hard to believe that a time existed when casinos actually disliked slots. This was due to the fact that most of the profits were made, through table games. But that has changed a lot as of today. Latest Surveys show that up to 80% of the casino’s profits are generated through slots. Thus software developers had no choice, but to go with the trends. And this is the reason for all the fantastic features and world-leading HD graphics and attractive bonuses. The following are some of the most popular slot themes.

1.    Online Slot themes based on TV shows

Explore the online or a brick and mortar casino of your choice. You will come across tens or hundreds of slots with popular TV shows as their themes. The Family Guy and the Jeopardy are just two among them to mention. Choose one, and you will see all the characters. Some even feature bonus games with recorded music.

2.    Music-themed slots From Artist We All Love

Music is another popular slots casino games theme. And they feature songs from famous albums. They too offer amazing features. Listen to your favourite song and further it with a casino game.

3.   Blockbuster Themed Slots Casino Games

These too are increasing in popularity nowadays. Enjoy gaming with the giant characters in your favourite Marvel comics. Spend time with giants or Superman. And these are just two among many excitements waiting for you in casinos.

Horror themes have been in casinos for quite a long time. As you know, horror can be in any form. Vampires, undying love; the list is endless. If you want to make more fun, you can have slots with cartoon-based horror shows as their theme. Here too, you will surely feel spoiled for choice.

4.    Classic Fruit Machine Themes

Fruit slots are the ultimate with casino games. And you can find them anywhere in the world. The sensation of fruits creates unalloyed purity without distractions of any kind. And this simple purity is something that sets fruit slots above their competition.

5.    A virtual exploration of the ancient world.

Popularly known as the “goddess of the slot games”, Explore the world of pyramids, Zeus, Caesar, Cleopatra, the Sphinx and much more. With exceptional-quality graphics, good music, and beautiful symbols; these hold a fascination, no gamer can ignore.

6.    Irish Themes

Here is something that holds a specific fascination in Irish-themed slots; gamers often say. They are live and eco-friendly. Pots of gold and the happy-go-lucky leprechauns are just two to mention. The most popular among them is Rainbow Riches. You can find Irish themed slots wherever you are.

7.    Game show slots will make you the star

These are for those who love watching game shows on TV. Have fun in the gambling world and enjoy being a part of those famous game shows. Combine it with the thrilling of winning big. You will surely stick with them all your life.

8.    Myth-based slots from the greek gods

Slot casino games that feature mythological characteristics abound in number. The most prominent among them is The Age of Gods. A progressive jackpot, this highlights the Greek mythological gods like Zeus. There are also games based on the deities of Norse mythology. Micro-gaming, Thunder, etc. belong to this category.

9.    Sports slots.

If you are athletic, sitting before your computer and gambling may not appeal to you. You may go for mobile slots and jog while playing your favorite game. But what if there is a way to enjoy the same action intellectually? All you need to do is to choose a sport-book slot. There is abundance available; from cricket to football. Slot games like these focus mostly on tournaments.

These slot casino games may offer bonus games for penalty shoots or just for shooting at a goal. Choose your favorite sport and enjoy the action while winning hundreds and thousands of dollars.

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Maximising Real Money Slots Casino Games Wagers

Even the best-known theme will not help if you don’t practice utmost caution when choosing a slot machine. Here are a few other tips that are sure to help you:

1.    Payout

Payout is the feature that deserves the utmost importance. You are playing for real money. And you don’t want to strain your budget needlessly. Every type of slot will have its unique features to attract gamers. If your choice falls on a highly volatile machine, your payouts are infrequent. Wins come at long intervals. But the payouts are quite large.

And going for low-volatile variants increases the frequency of payouts. But they are smaller amounts. Go for those machines that are highly volatile if you can drain out your wallet. The massive payouts will compensate for the loss. But a low-volatile machine is the choice for beginners. You don’t want to drain your budget until you gain experience.

2.    The best online UK casino slot Jackpots

Casinos offer a wide variety of progressive jackpot slots UK casino games. Progressive, local, and pooled. The first one grows with every dollar players spend on a bet. It confines the second to a specific locality. It grows only when players of your choice region bet on games. And the pooled one is perhaps the most attractive. They grow exponentially. Players from all over the world bet on them.

You can go for the titles like Mega Fortunes. But know that wins in these jackpots are rare. Smaller ones pay you in small amounts. But the frequency compensates for the loss.

3. Allow Gameplay To Be As Mobile As You Are

Lastly, we come to the question of mobile vs desktop. If you prefer to play while jogging, a mobile choice is the best. And if you need both, choose the one that works well both with your device and a desktop. Whatever is your choice, do not forget the slot theme. Deposit using phone bill credit from just £15 minimum and spin for your chance to win real money while discovering all these fun themes for yourself.

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Progressive Jackpots For Beginners | Tips & Tricks

Tips and tricks of Progressive Jackpots for Beginners

Since the 1800s when the slot machines were first invented a lot has changed in the game and its format. From being a mechanical system of reels and levers, slot machines have evolved into a phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. The virtual world of online casino games and playing progressive jackpots and slots have become the most popular and enticing form of entertainment.

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In a traditional and regular slot, machine players place their bets, spin the wheels and generally stand to gain some cash as prize money. A progressive jackpot, in contrast, has a system where the jackpot accumulates bit by bit over a period, whereby players can win mega moolah.

Every time a wager is placed in a progressive slot machine, a small percentage of the buy-in goes into the jackpot. This amount continues to mushroom until the slot machine ripens for payoffs.

What Are Progressive Slots Games?

Online casinos generally link all the slot machines that swell up the final jackpot. So, many different players playing together will add to the increasing jackpot amount. These games are aptly named progressive as they keep increasing till a lucky player scoops out the entire win which most of the time is a life-changing sum.

Online casino games account for maximum revenue and are hugely popular. There are many tips and tricks for potential players wanting to make it big at the slot machines.

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Top Tips For Playing Slots Online

Play For Fun: One should maintain that a mobile casino slot is just for fun. One can get to an instant win, but game developers have deliberately designed the slots for a low hit rate. You can win, but you can lose at an accelerating rate too.

Manage Your Losses: Devise a reasonable plan coupled with a strategy such that there is room for managing losses. Have a set budget with which you play with, and use that to determine when you stop playing to either cash out what you’ve won, or reconcile your losses.

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Learn how to play:  Getting the hang of the control panel along with adjusting the betting amounts, spinning or autoplay are all relatively easy. But, you should learn all the features of the jackpot games. Different slots games will have different features so take your time getting to know the ones you like best

Use your deposit bonus offers wisely: Free play slots with deposit bonus offers are a good way to learn how to play without wagering any of your own money.  We take pride in being able to offer players a host of free spins bonus offers to help them get acquainted with games they they might not normally play.

Choose Games With Big Bonus Features: At times, notable details like how your winnings can get proliferated as certain features in the game get triggered that can have mushrooming impacts on your strategy.

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Start small & increase your bets accordingly: Progressive jackpots are designed for sudden gains, and the odds of a win are low. One has to develop a method in the enticing randomness.

One of the primary tips is to place an eligible bet, as these slots have a percentage of bet attached to the final prize money. Final jackpot wins are the main attraction of casino slots, and apart from these wins they usually pay quite less as compared to many other games. Ideally, most of the seasoned players start with smaller bets and continue to add on gradually.

The bigger the wager, the higher the risk: It is reckoned that slots with higher denominations generally have higher payoffs. Having said so, it doesn’t imply that potential players should throng towards slots with higher denominations. Gambling cannot be co-related to only a payoff. One should exercise moderation and play for fun.

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How Often Do Progressive Jackpots Win?

Not all slots are designed for high payouts. However, RTP (Return to Player) is that one nugget that can work in your favor. Return to player percentage is the amount that casinos pay back to the players.

One can engage in a quick internet browsing to find a set of casino games that have a higher RTP. Most of the websites that review online casino games also can be a great source of information on RTP’s of popular slot machines. This will also give you an indication of how often progressive jackpots win. On careful scouting, you can even find RTP mentioned in the particular game itself. Slot machines with payouts or RTP’s of 96% or above would be good games to play online.

Using Slots Volatility To Your Advantage & Finding Progressive Jackpot Winners

A mindful and focused study of variance or volatility of a slot machine can accelerate your chances of winning. In other words, you ought to know the risk level involved so that you are well prepared for every situation, and hopefully find the progressive jackpot winners.

Generally, slots with low volatility usually have regular but lower payoffs. Comparatively, High volatility slots will have less frequent wins, but again they would be much higher in compensations.

Depending on your personality, you can choose either one. If you feel that being constantly compensated will keep up your gambling spirits then you can opt for lower volatility casino games. But, if you consider yourself to be a lone wolf then you can go for the higher volatility stakes.

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The Bottom Line To Real Money Wins Online

Progressive jackpots are designed to provide enormous amounts of fun and in turn, also earn through these games. So it would be prudent on the part of the house to give away huge stashes of prize money and mega moolah.

A potential newbie on the floor should be able to navigate and look beyond the obvious projection. Games that are being constantly bombarded on your screens may actually work contra in your favor. One can look beyond the front page and may find an overdue jackpot in the second or third pages.

Online Slots Bonus UK

This is why playing with established casinos such as ours will work in your favour, and help you to find out how often progressive jackpots hit a real money win. Regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commissioner means that we take fair play regulations seriously, and give players every opportunity to strike it lucky.

Apart from the huge payoffs, online casino games have been designed to keep the players engaged and enthralled by the experience. So, if you are looking for an engaging experience with the potential for real money wins –progressive slot machines are the way forward.

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