Jackpot Games

Common Types of Jackpot Games

Jackpot is a feature that makes gambling fun and exciting. It multiplies your wins and helps you earn far above the normal wins. Almost all casinos offer this feature. And it is predicted to stay with us for quite long. Jackpot games vary greatly; both in performance and in features. Given below are the most common among them.

  • Standalone jackpots

    Ideal for beginners in gambling, these offer low prices. But the number of hits compensates for the low price. After a pay-out, the prices get multiplied so as to increase the frequency of gains. Choose these types of jackpots if you are a first-time gambler. The frequency of hits is sure to prompt you to try more complicated games


  • Network jackpot games

Known also as pooled games, these comprise bets made in all Safe Online Casino. Quite naturally, prices and bonuses will be higher. Network games are available in all forms; slots, scratch cards, table games etc.

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  • Progressive jackpot

As the name suggests, this jackpot grows whenever a player makes a bet. And this is the most popular among jackpots. Its price grows up with every passing day. And the pay-out may come up to millions. However, there is a drawback. It is hard to get a hit. And it happens only in a few months. This justifies the huge pay-out. Thousands of players are betting every day.

  • Standalone progressive jackpot games

These types of jackpot machines grow with every pound player deposits into it. A part of the bet is added to the price. However, remember one thing. Standalone jackpot machines, as the name suggests, are not linked with the others of the kind. For instance, £2000 may become $4000 in the next identical machine.

  • Wide progressive jackpot games

These are the ones you generally come across on the world wide web. They function in the same way as standalone machines. But there is a difference. Progressive jackpot New Free Slots Games Casino you play. It implies that every player, irrespective of his location, contributes to the price with every bet. Quite naturally, the win will be huge. This is the best thing to try if you aim for loads of fun.

  • In-house progressive jackpot slots

Known also as proprietary progressive jackpots, this is a group of Android no deposit slots. And these are owned and operated by a single entity. These may not be the ones for you if you aim at millions. But these slots are great; Aloha Slots Mobile Online. These, in a general scenario, may appear to be the least frequented slots. But the opposite is the situation. These too attract thousands of plays every day.

  • Lottery jackpots

Lottery jackpot can be called the giant in the field. And no Free Mobile Slots enough to compete with it. The jackpot multiplies your bet into hundredfold. You are sure to have heard about the famous “Powerball lottery.” Its pay-out recently was more than 14000000000. And this is not an isolated estimate. And the reason for this huge pay-out is the rarity of a win.

UK Slots Casino Jackpots is quite simple. You choose a series of numbers. And you wait for them to come in the draw. If it doesn’t, you don’t have to worry. Just subscribe to your number and the software will choose it automatically in the weekly draw. Before the world wide web came into existence, you had to buy it physically. Today, you can get it from an international dealer with your smartphone.

  • Mystery jackpots

Mystery Progressive Jackpot Slots jackpot game. Here, your bet multiplies and you enjoy more if you predict right. The machine is designed with a starting number and it chooses combinations randomly. As a result, you get paid out even if you don’t have that winning combo. For this reason, it is the most popular among jackpot games.

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  • Multiple jackpots

Some Online Casino No Deposit Bonus more than one jackpot so as to increase your win. These may be a part of the big one or be separate. Certain Online Casino UK localized jackpots along with their mega versions. Read the pay-out terms carefully so as to avoid unpleasant surprises.



Slots Casino Games | Find Your Favourite Theme

 Slots Casino Games & Video Reel Themes

Casinio.uk.co Slots are undoubtedly the most popular games that casinos offer. In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about our amazing HD slot themes. Play slots casino games with extra bonus spins offers or for real money using phone credit and have fun exploring a range of different slot themes.

slot casino games

It’s hard to believe that a time existed when casinos actually disliked slots. This was due to the fact that most of the profits were made, through table games. But that has changed a lot as of today. Latest Surveys show that up to 80% of the casino’s profits are generated through slots. Thus software developers had no choice, but to go with the trends. And this is the reason for all the fantastic features and world-leading HD graphics and attractive bonuses. The following are some of the most popular slot themes.

1.    Online Slot themes based on TV shows

Explore the Casino UK Online of your choice. You will come across tens or hundreds of slots with popular TV shows as their themes. The Family Guy and the Jeopardy are just two among them to mention. Choose one, and you will see all the characters. Some even feature bonus games with recorded music.

2.    Music-themed slots From Artist We All Love

Music is another popular slots casino games theme. And they feature songs from famous albums. They too offer amazing features. Listen to your favourite song and further it with a UK Casino.

3.   Blockbuster Themed Slots Casino Games

These too are increasing in popularity nowadays. Enjoy gaming with the giant characters in your favourite Marvel comics. Spend time with giants or Superman. And these are just two among many excitements waiting for you in casinos.

Horror themes have been in UK Phone Casino Live Dealers. As you know, horror can be in any form. Vampires, undying love; the list is endless. If you want to make more fun, you can have slots with cartoon-based horror shows as their theme. Here too, you will surely feel spoiled for choice.

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4.    Classic Fruit Machine Themes

Fruit slots are the ultimate with casino games. And you can find them anywhere in the world. The sensation of fruits creates unalloyed purity without distractions of any kind. And this simple purity is something that sets fruit slots above their competition.

5.    A virtual exploration of the ancient world.

Popularly known as the “goddess of the slot games”, Explore the world of pyramids, Zeus, Caesar, Cleopatra, the Sphinx and much more. With exceptional-quality graphics, good music, and beautiful symbols; these hold a fascination, no gamer can ignore.

6.    Irish Themes

Here is something that holds a specific fascination in Irish-themed slots; gamers often say. They are live and eco-friendly. Pots of gold and the happy-go-lucky leprechauns are just two to mention. The most popular among them is Rainbow Riches Reels of Gold. You can find Irish themed slots wherever you are.

7.    Game show slots will make you the star

These are for those who love watching game shows on TV. Have fun in the Carnival Cup Slot world and enjoy being a part of those famous game shows. Combine it with the thrilling of winning big. You will surely stick with them all your life.

8.    Myth-based slots from the greek gods

Slot casino games that feature mythological characteristics abound in number. The most prominent among them is The Age of Gods. A progressive jackpot, this highlights the Greek mythological gods like Zeus. There are also games based on the deities of Norse mythology. Micro-gaming, Thunder, etc. belong to this category.

9.    Sports slots.

If you are athletic, sitting before your computer and gambling may not appeal to you. You may go for Mobile Slots Free Bonus No Deposit your favorite game. But what if there is a way to enjoy the same action intellectually? All you need to do is to choose a sport-book slot. There is abundance available; from cricket to football. New Slots No Download like these focus mostly on tournaments.

These slot casino games may offer bonus games for penalty shoots or just for shooting at a goal. Choose your favorite sport and enjoy the action while winning hundreds and thousands of dollars.

slot casino games real money wagers

Maximising Real Money Slots Casino Games Wagers

Even the best-known theme will not help if you don’t practice utmost caution when choosing a Slot Machine. Here are a few other tips that are sure to help you:

1.    Payout

Payout is the feature that deserves the utmost importance. You are playing for Free Mobile Slots. And you don’t want to strain your budget needlessly. Every type of slot will have its unique features to attract gamers. If your choice falls on a highly volatile machine, your payouts are infrequent. Wins come at long intervals. But the payouts are quite large.

And going for low-volatile variants increases the frequency of payouts. But they are smaller amounts. Go for those machines that are highly volatile if you can drain out your wallet. The massive payouts will compensate for the loss. But a low-volatile machine is the choice for beginners. You don’t want to drain your budget until you gain experience.

2.    The best online UK casino slot Jackpots

Casinos offer a wide variety of progressive jackpot slots UK casino games. Progressive, local, and pooled. The first one grows with every dollar players spend on a bet. It confines the second to a specific locality. It grows only when players of your choice region bet on games. And the pooled one is perhaps the most attractive. They grow exponentially. Players from all over the world bet on them.

You can go for the titles like Mega Fortunes. But know that wins in these jackpots are rare. Smaller ones pay you in small amounts. But the frequency compensates for the loss.

3. Allow Gameplay To Be As Mobile As You Are

Lastly, we come to the question of mobile vs desktop. If you prefer to play while jogging, a mobile choice is the best. And if you need both, choose the one that works well both with your device and a desktop. Whatever is your choice, do not forget the slot theme. Deposit using phone bill credit from just £15 minimum and spin for your chance to win real money while discovering all these fun themes for yourself.

Gamble responsibly keep what you win

Live Roulette UK | How To Play Online

How To Play Live Roulette UK: The Online Casino Gamer’s Guide

Learn The Do’s and Don’ts of Live Roulette

Are you a live roulette UK fan? If yes, you know one thing for sure. Once you get the hang of it, it fast becomes your Number One Go-To game when you’re looking to place quick bets and have fun online. Real money bets are simple and affordable when using mobile phone credit to play, and secure payment portals keep all transactions super safe.

live roulette uk real money games

Live roulette is perhaps the most popular among UK slots online. But winning here requires a bit of experience and knowledge. Understand that online casino UK has the edge over your wins. You should also learn the rules and regulations that control the game. Next, are the winning trials. These are fun and beneficial at the same time. Here is a list of the do and don’ts you should keep in mind when playing live roulette UK.

best live casino roulette games uk

1.   Make sure your online casino UK site is reliable

Live roulette UK is a game that attracts millions of gamblers across the globe. It alone may prompt fake websites to create such games to fool unsuspecting gamers. A credible online casino like casino.uk.com gives you a fair chance as a gamer, with regular New Slots Free Credit promotions to help you maximise your winning potential.

2.    Remember, winning is not the only excitement

Prizes are exciting. There is no doubt about it. But those are not the single Online Casino No Deposit Bonus games. Almost all websites offer bonuses and other stuff. Be alert to them and accept all the gifts you receive. They add up to your prices if you win.

3.    Make use our Live roulette uk casino tools

All casinos will have tools designed to help those who need some advice during a game. Don’t shy but use them. They may cost a bit. But they are of great help when making strategic moves while playing.

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4.   The Risk of the American wheel

American wheels have double zeros. It increases the house edge. The European wheel also offers an en-prison option that American wheels don’t provide.

5.    Always Set your budget

Winning in live roulette depends on your luck. It implies that you have to suffer losses. That is part of the game. You don’t want to lose everything in such a way as to hurt your loved ones.

6.   Keep Calm And Have Fun

Mobile Casino Games Review Free Bonus Tips of any type is risky. Accept this fact before getting to the roulette table. Doing this will help you stay calm, even suffering a considerable loss.

live roulette casino fun

7.    Always read the fine print

Bonuses are great. But all of them are not ideal for live roulette gamers. Read the terms and conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

8.    Alternate the bet amount

It is a good idea to stick to a fix betting amount when playing online live dealer table games.But when you feel a little lucky you can up the amount you bet, the bigger the risk the bigger the reward.

9.    Learn when to leave a game

Live roulette UK games are those of of chance. You win and lose; luck determines your fate. If this is your unlucky day, don’t despair. You will do it tomorrow.

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What To Avoid When Playing  Live Roulette UK Casino Games

The following are a few don’ts while enjoying your favourite online live roulette casino game.

1. Don’t let habits control you

Everyone has a favourite number, which according to them, may bring luck. It may not work in online roulette. Avoid your favourite number if you suffer continuous losses. The workable option is to alternate betting. Betting on a single number may cause a total loss.

2. Don’t search for a biased wheel

Biased wheels don’t exist in the virtual world. And searching for the same is a mere waste of time.

3. Don’t hesitate to ask for help casino.uk.com

No one is perfect. You may feel the need for some kind of support at one or the other time. Remember, asking for support is not shameful. It shows that you are human.

4. Don’t Miss out on online free spin games

The advice applies to newbies. Don’t let the promise of an exciting win force you into taking risks. If you are not comfortable, begin with the free games first. Almost all Safe Online Casino. UK Casino. You can deposit Free Mobile Slots later.

rainbow riches free spins

5. Don’t drink when betting

Alcohol, as you know, impairs your ability to make sound judgments. Best Online UK Casino than you budgeted for. Maintain a clear head, at least as long as you are on the live dealer roulette table.

6. play live roulette uk games & slots for fun

Live roulette is fun and rewarding, but don’t let it get to your head if you find yourself on a winning streak – or a losing one!  The best option is to set a time limit and stick to it. Play to have fun and cash out real money wins when they’ve been validated, and/or call your losses when you’ve reached your budget.

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Gamble responsibly keep what you win