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Casino games are no doubt the best when it comes to making some easy money with a bit of luck. There are a wide variety of games from various different categories. The one that really stands out in paying well are the instant winning games. And Super Cash Buster is the best in its category with various additional winning features. This signup bonus real money instant game looks very colourful and basically a dice game. The animated graphics in the game is really entertaining and the entire game board looks very futuristic. The betting starts with £1 and you can go up to £20 each round.

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This wonderful signup bonus real money instant game was developed by IWG. One of the leading online casino development companies who specialise in creating instant winning games that help gamblers win bigger rewards in shorter time.

About the game


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In this colourful signup bonus real money game, you get to play with six different coloured blocks. The layout looks pretty much like a basic brick game where similar coloured connected blocks are removed. There are yellow, orange, pink, purple, blue and green blocks. The yellow blocks pay you the highest stakes of rewards when the corresponding row is filled. To play you need to click on the dice which each of the above colours on each side. The dice will roll and stops after few seconds. Seven rolls per turn are given. Once the dice stops whatever colour it shows, the corresponding colour connected blocks explode. The number of blocks that explode is the number of spaces filled on empty space.

  • Positions and Payouts: Green requires eight positions to be filled and pays an equal amount of your bet. Blue needs nine positions and pays twice your bet. Purple blocks in this signup bonus real money need ten spaces to be filled and pay 25 times your bet. Pink requires eleven spaces and gives a payout of 100 times your bet. Orange takes twelve spaces and gives 1000 times your bet. Finally yellow pays 50,000 times your bet for thirteen yellow spaces. Quickly grab this opportunity!
  • Mini Games: Some blocks have mini-games mentioned on it and when such blocks explode, mini-game is triggered. These games have a spin wheel and pick ‘n’ win features. You can win free rolls and instant money wins. Instant money win = instant joy – play now.


In this signup bonus real money game, you can enjoy colourful blocks with animation. The game is best if you want to win instant rewards with few lucky rolls.


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