Cash Buster Towers

Cash Buster Towers

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If you are searching for a big cash instantwin site, that can make you win huge, you might need to stop searching. Cash Buster Towers will see you build your wealth as you bring down the treasure tower featured in the game.

More Wins at this Cash InstantWin Site

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Cash Buster Towers is a cash instantwin site that opens up a lot of doors of opportunity for both new and experienced online slot game players. This new game by IWG is just the newest member of their growing list of online slot games from the cash buster family.

Just like the other games already on offer, this game has superb animation, graphics and a pleasant soundtrack that will leave you glued to the screen of your computer or mobile device for a good while. You win big on this cash instantwin site when you are able to destroy the coloured blocks that make up a tower and in effect force the tower to collapse. As the tower comes tumbling down you win the jackpot and amazing cash prizes in the process.

A Big Bonus on this Cash InstantWin Site

Cash Buster Towers

In this cash instant win site you get to win extremely high cash prizes. The game allows you to blow up blocks that form the tower when you click on the spin button and as you explode these blocks you can reveal cash prizes that are as high as £1,000,000.

Did your jaw just drop?

With four arrow styled symbols, ou can activate the bonus round where you can get to win more cash prizes as you continue to destroy the blocks and cause the tower to collapse.
The longer you play the more chances you have to win bonus spins and large cash prizes. So to win the ultimate cash prize, all you have to do is keep playing.


Free Slots No Deposit Bonus

This game has a return to player (RTP) of 90.04% and you will receive a payout to the tune of £90.04 whenever you make a £100 wager. The ultra cool animations and highly detailed graphics make this a well thought out game by IWG. There are loads of cash prizes to be won and all you need to do is keep playing and exploding the coloured blocks that form the tower and you will find yourself on the track of unlimited wins.