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Here are some proven strategies that assist in your efforts to increase the odds of winning in a casino. Remember to get started with your welcome bonus and use it to test different games with the highest online slots odds.

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Choose a slot machine with the highest payout

This may appear too obvious an advice to offer. But that is limited to the experienced. Beginners often commit the mistake of ignoring this and fail miserably. They come to know of it at the end of a game. Play slots games with a high RTP and increase your chances of winning real cash prizes.

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Go online and search for a machine that offers the highest return to players or RTP. RTP is the percentage of wagered money a slot machine pays back to its players. Remember, it is not the money you can get back when you win.

Check Slots Volatility First

Volatility, also known as variance, too deserves utmost priority when choosing a winning slot. You can call it “risk level.” This is the frequency of wins players can make, and determining the volatility of a slot machine is quite simple.

If you win more on a slot, its volatility is low. If your experience is the opposite on a slot machine, its volatility is high.  Here too, you have no choice, but to search on your favourite search engine. But you will have a tough time. These machines are rare and no provider will willingly publish them. But patience overcomes even the greatest obstacles.

Pick a game that fits into your goal

At times, you want just a bit of entertainment for some time. In such an instance, games that offer pick’em bonuses would do well. Certain games offer aliens, gift boxes; whatever comes to the mind of the designer. The process takes time and you are not allowed to bet when waiting for the same. You can spend as much time as you want playing like this. But if you want big payoffs, you will have to go for three reels or progressive jackpots. These may burn your wallet faster than you can imagine. But the payouts at the end are worth all your money.

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Deploy the one-play strategy

This works fine for those willing to risk a chance for that big payoff. Play with the highest amount you can afford. If you win, you continue with the machine. If not, call it a day. You may even try your luck with another machine.

Avoid complicated games

Complicated games generally attract a lot of attention. Slow and steady wins the race. But that is not true when it comes to slot machines.  The more complicated the game is, the lower are your odds of winning. Those attractive extra features are just ways to draw players into the games. Avoid them and choose simple games. You will increase your chance of winning real money.

Tight slots DO exist

At times, you may come across a slot that never hits. Slots of these kinds are called tight slots. These machines will just make you play more and more without any benefit. The unfortunate fact is that tight machines are quite common. And you will understand it only when you play for quite long. You can only compensate them with their loose variants that pay out frequently.

Alternate the amounts you bet

Certain slots pay out more frequently in small amounts. Others pay out large sums. But the frequency may be fewer. Alternate your bet amount and see how your choice slot wants to pay. You can place bets accordingly.

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Set up a budget

Playing real money wagers and depositing using phone credit in a mobile slot is fun and exciting. And you are sure to be carried away. Avoid this fatal mistake. Set up your budget and maximize your wins. Do not go beyond your set budget; come what may.

Avoid chasing losses

It is a fatal mistake you can do while gambling. The players feel that they have to chase a loss to convert it into a win. Don’t fall prey to this trap.  Quit the game if you continue to lose for some time. Take a break, brace yourself for the challenge, and come back. Remember one thing. Even when you are fortunate, careless gambling will spoil it. Play with utmost caution. Deploy all effective strategies that come to your mind with discretion. And you are sure to win.

Quit while you’re ahead

Everyone plays to win. The more you win, the better it is. But are you someone who keeps on playing to increase your pay-out? Don’t be fooled by the system. You won a game and got £20 in your pocket. You naturally will go to further the gain. You will do if you continue to win more. But that is just a probability, not a reality. Take the cash and quit playing. Don’t chase losses; don’t chase wins either. Test these online slots odds tips for yourself and start winning real money online. 

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