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How to Win Blackjack Online Games

‘They’ say that the best things in life are free. But then ‘they’ also say that nothing in life comes for free. Here at, we’ve managed to strike a balance between all the things that ‘they’ say: Learn how to win blackjack games online for free, and mix it up discovering how to win at slots too free casino credit where you’ can keep a portion of what you win! Follow a few simple steps, and enjoy the best of both worlds:

how to win at blackjack online

  1. Understand what the Terms & Conditions are when playing with bonuses
  2. Play games for free-play fun in demo mode
  3. Use a basic online blackjack strategy card to learn how/when to place bets
  4. Manage your bankroll and keep what you win

play blackjack for fun in demo mode

What’s the Best Way to Learn How to Consistently Win At Blackjack?

Blackjack remains one of the most popular casino games of all time: This is mainly because it relies on equal parts of strategy and luck. Keep reading to figure out how to win blackjack consistently when you’ve got simple strategies on your side:

When you signup as a member, you’ll be offered deposit bonuses. Keep a portion of winnings when fulfilling the bonus wagering requirements.  However, this cannot be used to learn how to win blackjack games. This is because the signup bonus is restricted to specific online slots games.

play free slots earn how to win

All casino bonuses come with Play Through Requirements that players must meet before they can withdraw their winnings. Because blackjack is a game that players with a good strategy can win consistently at, most casinos are reluctant to allow players to use free bonus credit to play blackjack. The same goes for other tables games such as live casino baccarat online, and Roulette.

Even if there are no restrictions to the games you can play with free bets, blackjack games usually only count for 10% towards meeting the requirements. Modest as this might seem, it’s still better than nothing and can still contribute significantly to the amount you get to keep.

  • Play Online Blackjack Games For Fun in Demo Mode

In great balance to the restrictions above, are the free play demo mode games. While you won’t be able to keep any profit per se, it’s the ideal way to learn how to win blackjack without risking any of your own money.

how to win at blackjack basic strategy

You’ll soon see that it’s a really easy game to play: All you have to do is ensure your cumulative score of 2 cards is higher than the dealer’s, without exceeding 21. Some basic blackjack online betting lingo follows in the section below.

  • How to Win At Blackjack Using Online Blackjack Strategy Card

This can be especially useful when needing to make quick decisions on the different bets you can make. Once you get the hang of things, this will help develop a strategy that will help you win at blackjack consistently over time, and really enjoy playing real money casino games online. 

online blackjack strategy card

Please Note: Above image is an example and not suggested for use on games

Hit vs Stand vs Bust: You have been dealt two cards – a 4 and a 5. This adds up to 9, which is far from 21. In this case, you want to get ‘hit’ (i.e. receive another card). The newt card you get dealt is a 10, bumping your score up to 19. Here, you should choose to ‘stand’ (i.e. not get another card), as you don’t want to receive another card which would push you over 21, and you go ‘bust’ (i.e. lose).

Double Down: The ideal option when your first 2 cards leave you so confident that you’ll beat the dealer (e.g a Queen and a King = 20). Here you can increase your bet by as much as 2 times, effectively doubling the amount you get paid out.

Split: When you’ve got two cards of equal value and have the option to split them – so you essentially play two separate hands. The ideal bet for when you have two 8s because 16 is considered the worst number to get.

Surrender: When you know you’ve got a really bad hand compared to the dealer (i.e a total of 16 and the dealer has an Ace or a 10). Here, you can surrender your hand and keep half your bet while forfeiting the rest to the dealer. Try not to do this often or you’ll end up losing money, and certainly not ideal if you’ve got the option to split.

Insurance: Basically betting on the dealer to win. You create a side-bet which is independent of your initial wager and designed to balance out the odds of you losing. Beware of this option though, as blackjack experts are almost unanimous in avoiding taking insurance whenever possible.

how to consistently win at blackjack

  • Manage Your Bankroll & Gamble Responsibly

The Number One rule of all gambling games is to never lose more than you’re comfortable losing. Play private blackjack games with a dealer one-on-of if this will help you develop the right strategy. It’s like going to a restaurant and buying an expensive bottle of champagne….It might feel really good at the time, but it’ll leave you with a sour taste and full of regret the following day. Meaning that you’ll probably never go back to that restaurant again!

blackjack strategy keep what you win

So start each gambling session with a fixed amount that you’re happy losing…As opposed to an amount you’d like to win – which is unrealistic on all levels. Each time you win, set that aside and keep playing from your bankroll. Once you’ve spent it all, call it a day/night and take your wins with you! Casino table games fans who enjoy learning different strategies can also use this lesson to learn how to win Roulette games online too – read the full review!

Ready To Play Your Blackjack Hand & See If You Can Beat The Dealer?

You should be! With free blackjack online table games in demo mode on offer, you’ve really got nothing to lose. When you’re ready, you can try your hand at how to win blackjack for real money and make a cash deposit.

live casino blackjack

And speaking of live tournaments: What better way to really learn how to win at blackjack by playing against a real dealer in our Live Casino? With over 5 different casino rooms to choose from, streamed in full HD video, as well as other players you can socialize with. With all these sensational gaming options available, the choice is entirely yours!

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gamble responsibly keep what you win

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