Live casino software providers

If you don’t happen to know very much about the live casino industry then you could easily be fooled into believing that every casino has their very own live casino set up, or alternatively they could all be using the same one. The truth is the answer is somewhere closer to the middle which actually gives players the best of both worlds if we’re honest because it means there are dedicated companies that specialise in making the best games possible providing a better end product, but there’s also a decent amount of choice and competition to go around too meaning there’s something that will be more suited to each player’s needs.

About live casino software providers

Rather than give you a full breakdown of every live casino software provider in the industry(which would be tedious for us and boring for you) we will instead just give you a rundown of the top 3 software providers in the industry right now which is a great starting point for any player new to the scene.

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The first name on our list then is none other than NetEnt who have quickly rose up to become one of the most loved gaming development companies in the casino industry. Currently NetEnt can boast the fact that nearly a third of all sites online now offer up their games which means you shouldn’t have any trouble finding their live casinos if they’re the provider you prefer.

What makes Netent such a popular live casino software provider is pretty much that they have no weakness as every area of their site is competing to be the best service in that area. NetEnt’s colours are black and green and so that’s what they like to dress their tables and dealers in giving off a smart and sophisticated look to their casinos. Truth be told they do mix in a few other colours just to add a bit of variety to the place so if green or black aren’t your colours you can avoid them if you wish.

Some of the biggest advantages to choosing NetEnt’s live casino software is that they’ve created a very simple to use interface – which makes the gaming itself a little easier, furthermore they have 25 different languages and currencies on their site which means regardless of where in the world you’re playing you’ll have a dealer perfect for you, and their graphics and sound will be completely seamless throughout your time there. To be honest with how far live streaming services have come along in the last few years things like lag and audio being out of sync have become a thing of the past and it isn’t something you need to worry about.

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Moving on from NetEnt we then have one of their closest rivals in Microgaming who are a company that’s been providing the online casino industry high quality games since the beginning of the online era. Microgaming still have the same high standards that you would expect from one of the best live casino providers in town however their speciality lies in the choice of games they have.

There’s probably no other live casino software provider out there right now that can match Microgaming when it comes to game choice as they offer all the mainstays such as Blackjack and Roulette as well as their many forms; but they also offer some of the lesser known games too including many forms of Poker, the game of Baccarat, and even the ancient Chinese game of Sic Bo! All in all if there’s a certain game you’re looking to play your best bet of finding it is with Microgaming! The one downside that comes with Microgaming live casinos is that their dealers are only able to speak English however we can’t imagine that will ever be a problem for anyone reading this article given since we are typing in English(hopefully!).

The final live casino software provider we want to mention is Playtech who are sort of seen as the place to play if you’re a high roller or you just like the fancy stuff in general. Playtech may not have the same range of games that the other two software providers have however they do make up for that with their high quality games. Even if you’ve never heard of Playtech before you’ll have heard of the people they work with in the industry such as Marvel studios along with other big film studios so they are a pretty big deal around these parts with some pretty fancy software to match.

As well as offering high quality games Playtech also have things such as a separate VIP section for players who’d like a little more privacy in their games allowing them to have a more personal experience with their dealers.

In the end though we’d say you can’t really go wrong no matter which of the three developers you choose as they all have their own attributes that make them an ideal place to play. NetEnt are who we’d recommend any player start off with if given the choice as they do everything very well and will do a good job at getting you accustomed to the layout, gameplay, and sort of games you can play at a live casino.

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If you’re wanting to be a little more adventurous with your game selection however then Microgaming is the clear choice to make as not only do they have some high quality games available, they also come with a larger choice of games as well.

Finally, if it’s only luxury you’re interested in then it’s Playtech’s way we’d have to send you in as while there’s a little less choice on what games you can play here, they offer an outstanding service and even have a special VIP section to their live casino for those who really want to live it up!


Live Baccarat UK Site

No matter which casino you’ve been in before they will always have the classics waiting to be played whether that’s slots, blackjack, roulette, or poker and you won’t have any trouble finding them either. Sadly that’s not the case with online casino Baccarat which is a shame because for many it’s the ultimate casino game and has even been showcased in plenty of movies throughout the years including none other than James Bond. However, if you’re one of the millions of people who enjoy playing Baccarat then there’s no need to fret as now there will always be a table and dealer free for you to play your favourite game thanks to live Baccarat!

Play live Baccarat online

Live Baccarat is the exact same as any other game of Baccarat involving nothing more than a deck of cards and some betting by the players. If you’ve clicked on this page because you want to learn how to play Baccarat to see if it’s the game for you then read on as we’ll give you a pretty good rundown of everything you need to know.

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In its basic form Baccarat is just a point-scoring game where the person at the end of the game with the highest score is deemed the winner. There can be draws in this game if two people reach the same amount of points and the betting here allows you to bet on either the dealer or player to win, or if you’d like you can even bet on a draw which makes it a little unique compared to most other games in the live casino.

The value of a card is how many points it’s worth so a 7 is worth 7 points while a 9 is worth 9 points and to get your end score you take the total of your cards points to get total points and then take the last digit to be your final score. So in the case of a 7 and a 9 your point total would be 16 however your final score would be 6. This means that high numbers are not necessarily better than low numbers in this game as a 4 and a 3 would create a higher-end score than a 7 and a 9.

The game begins with the player betting on who he thinks will win the hand followed by each party being dealt two face-up cards. Both players scores are totalled up at this point and if either the player or dealer ends up with a score of 8 or 9 then the game of live Baccarat comes to an end and the highest point total is deemed the winner.

If however, neither player makes it to at least 8 points then the game will continue with the player drawing one more card. Depending on the card the player drew and the points the dealer currently has the dealer may or may not get to draw another card. There is always a chart laid out on the live Baccarat table letting a player know when the dealer is to take a card or stick with what they’ve got.

After this has been done the game will come to a close and the point totals will be added up with the highest-scoring party being deemed the winner.

This is all there is to the game of live Baccarat and having the ability to play it where and when you want all while still getting that personal touch of your own real-life dealer makes playing the game just as fun and easier than ever before!

Why Play at a Live Casino?


If you’ve clicked on the link to this page then you’re probably already starting to think about playing at a live casino and you just need a little bit of a push to finally make the jump. The good news as far as we’re concerned is that shouldn’t be too difficult a task to do as there are plenty of fantastic reasons why choosing a live casino is the perfect place to play.

Why should you play at a live casino

To start things off the first advantage we want to give you is the advantage it has over regular online casino table games as these games have many similar advantages to live casinos. The difference when it comes to these two mediums is the experience factor. While playing at an online casino is great it doesn’t quite have the personal touch that a live casino can provide and this is simply because you’re actually interacting with a real life dealer who you can joke around with as you play the games. It’s not only that but everything you’re seeing and hearing is completely authentic too so we’d have to say it’s just a better experience overall than your standard online play. The truth is that despite live casinos only becoming a mainstay with online casinos quite recently they already have 50% of the players playing at them which should go a long way in talking about the quality they can offer.

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Now the major advantage a live casino is able to offer over a land based casino is convenience, and it does that in several different ways. The first way is simply by being able to choose where and when you want to play. Because live casinos are offered via mobile, tablets, laptops, and PC’s the only thing that determines when and where you can play is your internet connection. This means that you can experience all the hustle and bustle of an actual casino while you’re tucked up in bed, while relaxing in the bath, or even while on your lunch break at work – the possibilities are endless! An additional factor that may be quite relevant to some people is the fact that there’s always a seat waiting at a table for you and you won’t have to fight your way passed a crowd to get to it like in a land based casino. This might not be the biggest thing in the world but when it comes to convenience why not get the best?

The second advantage that a live casino is able to offer over its land based counterpart is choice of games. There’s no doubt at your local casino there will be a handful of Blackjack and Roulette tables waiting for you to be played, and perhaps even a game of Poker too if you’re lucky! But does it have all the variations of Blackjack? Does it have Baccarat waiting for you to play? What about Sic Bo?

The difference between a live casino and a land based casino is that a live casino can offer you everything and it won’t just be one of each table either – there will be plenty! One of the reasons for this is purely just a space issue. Land based casinos are usually in city centres where space is a rare commodity and so they only pack the most popular games in to keep the majority of players happy. This isn’t the case with live casinos as their customers are all online so they have the freedom of where it is they place their casino. Not only that but because the player pools online are much larger than a live casino so this also means they have a bit more money to throw around and put into their tables.

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All that extra money that top live casinos have isn’t just being put into the extra games either, it’s also being put into some incredibly lucrative bonuses too that we’re sure you’re gonna want to take site’s up on. There’s one type of bonus we prefer to all others and that’s because it’s a free bonus that can turn into real cash prizes and that’s a no deposit bonus. These bonuses are generally given out to players who register an account with the site where they’ll be given £10 or so to play around with, enjoy the site, and try make some money in the process. These bonuses aren’t just our favourite because of the free value you get they’re also our favourite because it means you get to check out a bunch of different sites and find the one that suits you best before making any sort of commitment.

When you are ready to make that commitment there’s a ton of places waiting to give you extra cash to play with just for choosing them. A lot of these bonuses will be matching deposit bonuses where if you deposit in the region of £50-£300 they will give you double that to play with or sometimes even more. And if that’s a bit more than you were looking to play with then there are also some smaller stakes deals around too where if you deposit £10-£20 you can often see that money being tripled to get you started. All in all the bonuses offered up by live casinos are pretty huge and you’d have to be mad not to get one before you start playing!

There are certainly a lot more reasons to playing at a live casino than we have laid out here however we’d say these are the main ones and they should give you a good idea about the perks you’re getting. Keeping that same vibrant atmosphere is always a good start while being given the freedom to choose where you play is even better. Either way whatever reason you like the most there can be no denying that live casinos are the place to be for any sort of player out there as there’s simply too many advantages for it not to be!

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About Live Casinos

If you started your gaming career in a land-based casino enjoying all the sights, sounds, and excitement it had to offer and you just can’t get enough then there’s some good news ahead of you….now you’ll always be able to get your fill as live casinos are the perfect way to take in everything that a land-based casino is able to offer, except you also get to do it from the comfort of your very own home!

All you need to know about live casinos

Live casinos have only really been possible in recent times due to the developments in live streaming services which have now meant any player will be able to log in and watch a livestream of a particular dealer with absolutely no lag or connection issues at all which means you’ll be able to soak in all of the atmosphere a casino has to offer without any worry it will come to an abrupt close.

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Even if you’ve never ventured into the online world before you’ll find that live casino’s are incredibly intuitive to use and are a brilliant gateway into using an online casino in general. One of the bigger perks you get from choosing a live casino to do your gaming at are the bonuses site’s will offer you as you sign up with some even forking out as much as a thousands pounds or so as their welcome bonus. When you find the site and welcome bonus you desire simply head to that site’s homepage and look for the tab marked “live casino” which can sometimes be found in the games section of a site.

It’s this section here that you’ll find everything you’re looking for when it comes to live casino games and when you first open the page up you might be astounded at just how much choice you actually have. While at a regular casino you may only have a handful of tables to choose from at any live casino there will be a choice of up to a hundred unique tables to play at! Some casinos may offer less while some may offer more but that’s more to do with the software provider each site chooses however the end result is still the same – you have a lot more choice!

Typically a live casino will start by asking you which game it is you want to play and you’ll have the choice of all the major games like Blackjack and Roulette as well as some of the lesser played games like Baccarat and Sic Bo too. Even once you’ve chosen your game you’ll find there’s many variations of that to choose from so if there’s a version of Blackjack, Roulette, or Poker you enjoy the most you can be rest assured a live casino will have it. Finally you will then be shown all the tables that offer that game and it’s up to you to choose which dealer it is you’d rather play with.

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Once you’ve made your selection the fun can begin as you’ll then be beamed right into the casino itself as your dealer and table will appear on the livestream. When it comes to the playing you’ll find it’s incredibly easy and intuitive to use so you’ll never find yourself stuck on what to do. To make things a little easier if a game requires a deck of cards the deck will be supersized so everyone can clearly see it even if you’re playing through mobile and the dealer will always speak out the action too so nobody’s ever lost.

Making bets is a rather simple process and all you need to do is look for the set of chips that will be on the edge of the screen, click the chip you want to bet with, and then click on the table where you want to place that bet. It really has been made that easy and you’ll probably even go to make the motions to place the bet before even asking yourself how you bet.

The dealer is someone you can talk to at any point you like through the game’s chat box and you’ll be able to hear them speak as they reply to you in real time. When a hand or spin is over any winning bet will be instantly paid out and in your account ready for the next round.

Finally, if you’re ever done with the table you don’t even have to announce your departure as you can simply close the window to be done with the action. This will usually take you back to the live casino lobby where you can look for another table or call it quits for the day.

This is the be all and end all of live casinos and if you’ve understood what we’ve just told you then you won’t run into any problems when it comes to playing at a live casino which means the only thing left to do now is go and play!

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What is a Live Casino?

VIP Live Casino Sites

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years or have simply never played at any sort of casino before we’re sure you’ll have heard about live casinos before – as they’re completely taking the online gaming world by storm! However, even if you have heard of a live casino before you may not know exactly what it is, or how it differs from other online casino games such as progressive jackpot slots. works which is why we’re here to give you a full rundown on everything you need to know about a live casino and how it works so you can start reaping the rewards that only a live casino can provide!

What is a Live casino site

To start things off we think we should probably give you a little bit of a rundown on exactly what a live casino is and what makes it so popular with players today. Well, in short, a live casino is a place where players can soak up that rich casino atmosphere and still have a personal touch to their gaming experience while still getting the freedom and luxury of choosing exactly where and when it is that they play!

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How this is all possible is through live streaming which has only really taken off over the last few years. What this means is that there is a constant live video feed of each table at an online casino who will have a dealer there waiting to play out your favourite games and offer you a little bit of chit chat in the process. If you’ve ever seen the late-night casino programs on TV before then you can think of it as similar to this, except you get to choose the game you’re playing and you’ll be able to talk to the dealer in real-time as you do.

If this sounds like just your cup of tea you’ll be pleased to hear that getting on to and playing at a live casino site couldn’t be easier and you’ll actually have quite a bit of choice of where to play as well. Basically every single online or mobile casino offers players a live casino site section to their site now and with as much as 50% of online players choosing this way to do their gaming it doesn’t come as much of a surprise!

Whichever site it is you do choose to call home they’ll have a “live casino” tab on their homepage for you to select and this will take you to the lobby where are all games are being offered. To make things a little easier for you each site will have broken down their tables into categories which usually start with what table game it is you’d prefer, if you’d like the basic or a variation of that game, what stakes you want to be playing for, and then finally a choice of all the dealers who are offering that game at those stakes.

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There’s surprisingly quite a lot of choices when it comes to online casino games selection at a live casino and you’ll find there’s far more here than at your local land-based casino too which is great news if you like some of the lesser-known games such as Sic Bo or Baccarat!

As soon as you click the table you like the most then all the hard work is done and your live casino gaming experience will begin with the site taking you right into their casino and face to face with your dealer. The dealer will usually open with a quick hello and if you ever want to chat with them there’s a message box for you to send messages which they’ll normally reply to instantly.

You’ll also notice when you’re taken into the casino that you can see your account balance at the bottom of the screen along with a bunch of different virtual chips. You’ll use these chips to select your bet amount and to do that you just click the chip you want and then click on the betting table to place your chip. It really is that simple to place a bet and there’s usually a timer for things like the roulette wheel telling you how long you’ve got to place your bet before the ball begins to spin.

If at any point you need to make a decision in the game such as to stick or twist in live blackjack then your options will appear before you on the screen and you simply select which option you want to do. When the game ends if you ended up a winner then you’ll notice your account balance is instantly credited with your winnings ready for the next bet.

That’s everything you need to know on how to actually play the games at a live casino site and you’ll find there’s a bunch of added features you wouldn’t see in a live casino site to improve your playing experience too such as a repeat bet feature saving you the hassle of moving all your chips about as well as extended stats about the previous games in case you like to follow the trends.

Not only will you now be armed with everything you need to know about live casinos to start playing such as live baccarat online but you’ll also find the gameplay on the sites are incredibly intuitive and you’ll pick up how to play far quicker than you ever would have thought possible everything becoming second nature to you after only your first session!

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There’s plenty of advantages to playing at a live casino site over anywhere else nowadays which is why they’ve become such a popular destination for anyone looking to have a little fun. Getting to play on your own schedule while still getting an immersive experience is one of the best things that has ever happened to players as now 10-minute downtimes throughout the day can be turned into action-packed adventures instead. That’s not the only draw though as many players simply prefer the extra choice of games and dealers you get at a live casino while many others are much happier with the huge bonuses that come from playing at a live casino which is why regardless of what it is you’re looking for a live casino is the place to be!

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