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Casinos are popular with people who love to extend their adventure to more significant heights. Once you are in a casino, there is no lack of games to play. All of the top casino games are available online these days, with progressive jackpot games being one of the biggest attractions. Spin for your chance to win mega jackpot prizes when you deposit to play for real money.

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Place the right bets, get blessed with a bit of luck, and cashout verified payouts on instant win games. But how much does luck play a part? Are there any progressive jackpot strategies that can help you seal the deal? Keep reading and you’ll soon find out.

What Are Progressive Jackpot Games?

Everyone loves jackpots. Who doesn’t want to win a significant amount? These are the biggest payouts. Standard jackpots have a particular amount (base jackpot multiplied by the wagered amount) that remains constant throughout the game.

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Progressive jackpots have escalating nature which means that the amount of jackpot keeps on increasing (a significant amount gets big, bigger and more) as the number of players joining the game increases. This is what makes jackpot slots online so much more lucrative to play as games that are on the same network tend to have bigger progressive pool. More appealing is that you can deposit to wager real money using your mobile phone credit – no banking or credit card details needed (unless you’re ready to make a withdrawal!).

How Do Progressive Jackpot Online Slots Work?

Let’s understand about the working of progressive jackpot games online: When you decide to place real money wagers, it’s possible to have a number of players at other casinos playing the same game, effectively pooling their wagers into the same progressive pot. This means that all the players linked together contribute to their respective games which are added to the common pool. This setup increases the jackpot amount by multiple folds as more and more player get added.

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This is called progressive jackpot because the amount of jackpot keeps on increasing until someone declares to own the winning combination. The quick increase in the winning amount is the biggest reason of attraction towards progressive jackpots, and everyone tries to win it. The competition is high, but it is worth the rewards. The random generation of numbers makes sure that everyone has an equal chance to win.

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Can Progressive Jackpot Strategies Help With a Big Win?

Progressive jackpot games are not games of strategy and skill. These are the games that most people believe just on luck. If you are a mathematician, you’ll rely on probability. You can play your turn and ask luck to be on your side.

So can we say that there’s no way that you can improve your winning chances? Well, the answer is ‘NO.’ There are some strategies that can be remembered before you start playing the games that can increase your chances by a good margin.

  • Choose the spin size that suits you best: This is one of the most important factors to focus on.  You can qualify for the jackpot on any spin that offers betting flexibility. So, the wager depends on your decision. This is the choice between increasing the playing time and plunging everything into jackpot soon. It is the personal choice of many experienced players to reduce the betting amount to a minimum as long as they remain qualified for the jackpot. Doing thus increases their duration for playing the game and maintains the chances for that instant, big win. There are certain jackpots that give you better chances with high wages, for example, the mega fortune game. Here the odds of winning increase if you bet more.

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  • Pay no attention to urban myths: There are various myths associated with games. One of the most popular is that there is no gain in playing jackpot immediately after somebody wins it. The reason is that the game does not have enough capacity to pay. The truth is that these are just assumptions. A jackpot slots game is designed to run independently of the number and duration of wins. Mega moolah has won twice in March 2018, guess in how much time? 48 hours. Another myth advises players to bet the maximum in order to tip the scales – a theory which certainly has no basis in reality.

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  • Ask for help if/when needed: The last point that you should do immediately after you start the game is to read the help or the information button. This gives you all the information about the game rules and how to qualify for the jackpot amount. Imagine playing all a good game but realizing later on that you’re not qualified for the BIG WIN.

The rules are different for different games. Some require a side betting for jackpot and some minimum spin amount. Some games have really bizarre rules, for example, the play rule in Playtech’s Beach Life requires that one should get five sun symbols on the 20th payline to qualify for jackpot. So, you would want to check playing rules.

Have You Got What It Takes To WIN?

The primary purpose of any online casino game is to have fun. If you’re REALLY looking to cashout on a big money win, then the best advice is to gamble responsibly: Understand that the nature of gambling is such that the chances of actually winning are low. Set yourself a pre-determined budget (ie the amount you’d be comfortable losing), and stick to it. Always set any winning amounts aside, so that once your gambling budget for that session has been exhausted, you’ll at least have something to cash out.

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If you have a small bankroll, then consider random progressive slots because such games allow you to win irrespective of your wager size or payline combination. Another tip is to take advantage of regular bonuses, deposit bonus cashback deals, and promotional offers: Not only will these help you to get more bang for your casino buck, but you can also keep what you win when playing with bonus casino credit – provided you meet the bonus wagering requirements.

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