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>a>a>Need That Adrenaline Rush? Come Play Speed Roulette & Win Real Money

Roulette has forever been the forerunner in giving the ultimate classic casino experience. We at promise to provide you with a breath-taking experience at our live online casino: Speed roulette is blazing fast live dealer game, giving you a chance to shoot for the stars. With more than 50 games in an hour, you have the highest opportunity in your life to earn handsome payouts, with limited cashback on losses as well, if you play responsibly. Use mobile phone credit to deposit and play for real money & win big by playing smart – not hard.

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World’s Fastest Speed Roulette by Evolution Gaming

We are always improving our list of live roulette games to provide our customers with an enriching and fulfilling gaming experience. This is why we have teamed up with Evolution Gaming Inc., the world-leading design and developers for live casino products. The result of this partnership provides you with, power-packed Speed Roulette live –  the latest super-fast version of Evolution’s Live Roulette. Get deposit bonus and cash back offers when signing up to play for real money and use our promotional offers to get more bang for your casino buck.

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Our Roulette wheel has 37 slots, red and black and green for slot Number 0. The fun starts when the roulette wheel is started, and you have to predict which slot the ball will stop into, all within a time interval of 25 seconds! There is no possibility of any dead time, as you can start betting as soon as the spin begins by the dealer.

There are no changes to the core game of Roulette-it has just become speedier and quicker, giving ample opportunities to the expert as well as novice players. With a single game timed for not more than 25 seconds, you can try your hand at almost 50 extra games per hour! Our super-fast video-based number recognition program decides the winning number promptly. It is prompt enough to super-charge you for the next spin.

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How Does Online Speed Roulette Work?

The core functionality of this classic game remains the same. There are two essential things that a player will need to begin with. First, you should have your registered online account with us. Secondly, you should have funds in that account to place the bet. Once these are in place, you are all set to have a breath-taking gaming experience on your mobile or tablet, in the real money-making mode.

You can start the game from the live dealer games menu. Or you can click on its image on the webpage and away you go!! Our easy to navigate menus and richly animated home page makes it easier for you to be a part of the live streaming of the game on the gaming screen. Get ready to place your bet!

The table icon will clearly show your table number where the bets are being placed. It will also show the dealer’s name, photo, and limits of the bet. You can click the table icon to join that table.

keep what you win online casinoPlacing Roulette Bets Online

The aim is to predict which number or slot of the wheel the ball will land into at the end of the 25 second period. The dealer will release the ball into the spinning wheel of the roulette, once the betting time has passed.

You can place the bet as soon as the wheel starts to spin. You should be quick to decide whether you want to put a single bet or multiple bets-because every second counts. The betting limits are set between 1 and 5000. You can click the mouse on your PC or laptop, or tap the Bet icon to know about the maximum and the minimum stake mentioned. Your current balance will also be displayed next to the icon to keep you updated with the latest information.

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You can either make an Inside Bet or an Outside Bet. At the same time, you will find other enthusiastic players placing their bets as well. The gaming status will be reflected by the colour of the lights across the gaming table.

  • Green: Betting time and chip selection
  • Red: Bets are closed and chips cannot be selected

Make sure that you do not place any bet below the minimum limit prescribed to avoid rejection at the end of the game

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Types of Bets in Speed Roulette Live

Inside Bet: The bet is placed on the numbered sections of the roulette table. These can be a bet on a single number (Straight up Bet) or a 4-number bet at the corner of 4 numbers (Corner Bet). You can also have a Split bet, Street bet or a Line bet as per the placement of the slot numbers on the table

Outside Bet: The bet is placed on other areas. This type of bet can be a Column bet which is a 12 number bet in a particular column, or a Dozen bet, where the players can choose the first dozen of numbers (1-12) or the second dozen of numbers (13-24) or the third or the last dozen (25-36).

Colour Bet or an Even/Odd Bet: Each bet has a different payout. So you can do a bit of calculation as to where you would like to place your bet.

The dealer will announce the winning number when the ball comes to rest in a particular slot. This will mark the settlement of all bets placed. Without wasting any time, the timer will be reset for the next game. So, you can see, it’s all about speed, speed, and more speed, here at our live Speed Roulette

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Benefits Our Players Receive Playing Speed Roulette Live

  • Only 25 seconds between spins which means fast-paced action
  • No dead time in the game
  • Easily available rules at a click or a tap, so no hard time learning the rules
  • Highly trained dealers, so no chance of unfair play
  • Enhanced and rich gaming experience with HD features

We understand the need for speed. This game of speed roulette is more than 25% faster than the regular roulette. So if you don’t like wasting time at the casino table, this is your place to be. No need to wait. Get ready to spin the wheel for some action-packed gaming along with attractive payouts!

Gamble responsibly keep what you winspeed roulette live games online

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