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Who doesn’t enjoy playing the occasional casino game? But what if you don’t have the time to visit a casino? Live casino is the answer. You can choose from the many options for online casino games, while not having to leave the comfort of your house. If you enjoy live casino roulette, the Double Ball game is the way to go.

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Live Dealer Roulette certainly offer the best of all worlds as you can play real roulette games against a live dealer video streamed in full HD whenever the mood strikes you. Choose whether you’d like to play against other gamers from around the world, or get a private table where you can experience one-on-one thrills and excitement.

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What is The Double Ball Live Roulette Casino Game?

Double Ball Roulette is much like a typical roulette game. The only difference is that Double Ball Roulette has two balls instead of one. The game aims to predict the number or numbers where the two balls come to a halt. The range of numbers is between 1 to 36 and a 0. Once all bets are complete, the two balls are released and allowed to come to rest in the numbered pockets.

There are not many live roulette casino sites offering this game currently – so you’ve come to the right place. The game was first introduced in the Gaming Expo 2013, and soon it made its way as a top game to play online. Live Casino Roulette was exciting to begin with, but the Double Ball variation was a game changer, literally.

What Are The Rules to Play Live Casino Double Ball Roulette?

Every casino game has rules to follow. All players must know all rules accurately to make sure there is playtime maximization. The rules to play a good set of Double Ball Roulette are:

  • There is a general use of a single, or a double zero wheel
  • The layout of a double ball roulette is the same as a table game roulette
  • The game requires the use of two balls
  • Both the balls must be outside bets to win
  • Either of the balls must be inside bets to win. If there is a successful outcome, the player wins twice the amount
  • There is a ‘Double Ball Jackpot’ bet if both balls land on the chosen number.

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How to Play Double Ball Roulette?

Double Ball Roulette has both single and double zero versions of the traditional casino table. In the double zero version, there are 38 numbers. The black and red colour alternate pockets carry numbers from 1 to 38. The colour of the zero pocket is green marked with 0 and 00.

In case of inside bets, Players place single number bets. For example, a player bets on single 14 and 30. If the balls land on both the numbers the player will win both the bets. For outside bets, both the balls must-win for the player to win. For example, if the player bets on black and both the balls land in a black pocket. The winning chances are decreased in outside bets as compared to inside bets.

Roulette Betting Strategy: What Types Of Real Money Online Games Bets Can You Make?

The betting process of Double Ball Roulette is fascinating. There are two types of bets when it comes to the roulette betting strategy: inside and outside. The chances of winning mostly lies in doubles with inside bets. With outside bets, however, the winning is a bit hard because, to be successful, both the balls need to land on numbers that correspond to it.

Outside bets: In outside bets, bets are placed on or black, odd or even and high or low on the live dealer casino table. If the balls land on one of the 18 winning pockets, the payout is 3:1

Dozen bets: Players can also place a Dozen bets over twelve numbers. The player wins when both balls land on one of the numbers chosen. The payout, in this case, is 8 to 1

Column bet: In the column bet, the player bets on a column of numbers. When the balls land on one of the twelve numbers the player wins 8 to 1

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When it comes to inside bets, players can place the following:

Straight Up bets: These bets lay on a specific number. You can set bets on 0 and 00. When you place the chips on the chosen number, the balls are set to roll. If the balls land on the selected number, the payout is 17 to 1. If both numbers land on the number the payout is 34 to 1

Split bet: In a Split bet you place a bet on two numbers which are adjacent to each other. The placing of chips is on the line separating the numbers. When the balls land on one winning number, the payout is 8 to 1 and if both balls land in the same number then the payout is 16 to 1.

Street bet: Another popular bet is the street bet where you place bets on three numbers. You put the chips on the bottom of the row. The winning ball will have a 5 to 1 payout and two winning numbers have a 10 to 1 payout

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Online Roulette Live Casino Payouts

Now comes the exciting part:Tthe payouts. The types of payouts will be different in each game of Double Ball Roulette. The payouts will differ based on the bets placed. The payouts are:

  • Red and Black, Odd and Even, High and Low: The payout is 3 to 1 of balls land on numbers 1 to 18
    1st 12, 2nd 12 and 3rd 12: Payout is 8 to 1 if the balls land on the chosen twelve numbers
  • One number: Payout is 17 to 1
  • Two number: Payout is 8 to 1
  • Three number: Payout is 5 to 1
  • Four number: Payout is 3 to 1
  • Five number: Payout is 5 to 2
  • Six number: Payout is 2 to 1

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Double ball roulette is an exciting game. You get all the excitement of a live casino, but the entire process is safe and secure gambling. You no longer have to wait for your next holiday to take a go on casino games. You can enjoy a game of Double Ball Roulette in your laptop and mobile casino slot. Have fun and join in on all the exciting live roulette gaming action for real money. Have fun, but remember to game responsibly.

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