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If you want to play an Online Casino roulette game with record quick playing time, then Speed Roulette Live is your answer. This online roulette by Evolution Gaming has been designed for speed with a maximum of 25 seconds allowed for wagers to be made before a round. Read this review to learn more about this game.

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The Betting Limits For Speed Roulette Live

What is great about this online roulette game is its betting limits. Speed Roulette Live will satisfy both low as well as high rollers. With a token of £1 per session, you can start playing this game. High rollers can place bets as high as £5,000 per session.

With only 25 seconds allowed for bets to be placed before each session, it means players can play a lot of games in a short period. Players can play as many as 50 sessions within 60 minutes.

It’s All About Speed

Speed Roulette Live

The name of the game is the speed with this Online Casino roulette. That is why Evolution Gaming has watered down the game’s features. To ramp up the speed in Speed Roulette Live, the number of camera angles available had to be reduced.

The video and audio quality is quite good but with more emphasis placed on gameplay speed. This roulette doesn’t have ‘Dead Time’ which is found in many other roulette games. If you are wondering what ‘Dead Time’ is, it is the time taken for a roulette player to place their respective bets. The dead time can be long in other roulette games, but non-existent in this one.

More On Speed Roulette Live

Speed Roulette Live is beamed live to players from Evolution Gaming Studio in Riga, Latvia. You can play this online roulette on your smartphone or tablet mobile device. By registering with an online gaming site, you can begin playing in real-money mode.

This is as soon as you set up an account on the site and make a deposit as well.

Players cannot play this roulette in any other mode but the real-money mode due to the high costs of operations involved.

To Sum Up

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This is high-speed online roulette to keep you busy for a while. With 50 sessions in one hour, you can also earn reasonable payouts for yourself as well. Whether you are a novice or you are a seasoned professional, this roulette will meet your needs. Try it out today and enjoy the non-stop action.