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Quick Fire Cash

Quick Fire Cash

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One of the most popular free spins slots game available, Quick Fire Cash is a game which has cash prizes galore. As its name suggests, it’s all about cash returns. This is brought to you by IWG and offers exciting gameplay options. Here and there you find winning combinations that give you a scope to increase your cash prizes by leaps and bounds. A combination of a well-designed gameplay and noteworthy bonus features, this has all the ingredients to become a popular slot among both amateurs and professional gamblers. Once you start playing, it is beyond doubt that you will like it.

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Quick Fire Cash

Quick Fire Cash consists of four reels and 50 paylines. It consists of four levels that constitute a single game based on an innovative theme. One unique aspect of this free spins slots is that you will be able to change its title and play the level you want to play. There are four titles available from which you can choose the title, such as Electric Boogaloo, Golden Peach, Pharaoh’s Ransom and Panda Paradise. This feature has been added to make the gaming experience enjoyable and add a customised feel to it. The main trick is to match the symbols from the left to right across the active paylines and play each set of reels independently. If you apply this strategy, you will be able to win good prize combos.

Based on the game that you are playing in Quick Fire Cash, you will get the high and low-value symbols. For example, Panda Paradise may consist of flowers and pandas while the Pharaoh’s Random will show you scarabs, pyramids and ankhs.

Lots of bonuses are on your way in this slot

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There are lots of free spins slots bonuses that you can win in this slot. If you register for the first time, most casinos make you eligible for a welcome bonus. Other bonuses consist of cash returns and free spins bonus. Registration is quite easy and convenient in almost every casino. There are lots of payment options through which you can make the deposit while registration.

The innovative gameplay options and engrossing features along with fantastic prizes make this rank among the premier free spins slots available this season. Play this slot and cherish a great gaming experience. The slot offers an RTP of 87.55% which is quite decent with respect to the customisable gameplay it offers.