Playing Live Blackjack

a>a>p>Even if you’ve never stepped foot in a casino before we’re still 100% sure you’ve heard of Blackjack before as it’s a card game that’s not just popular in the casino, but one that’s popular in any household that had a pack of cards in it and a game that’s been shown in countless tv shows and movies throughout the years. Now while we’re absolutely convinced you’ll have heard of Blackjack before we’re not completely sure you’ll have heard of live Blackjack before which is a version of the game that’s taking the world by storm!

Playing Blackjack live online

If you like to play a game that’s filled with excitement and tension while the room has a certain energy about it then that’s what you’ll get with live Blackjack as live Blackjack has managed to capture the magic you find every time you’re out in a casino and put it into your mobile, laptop, and PC ready for you to enjoy whenever you’d like.

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Live Blackjack works by showing players a livestream of a Blackjack table which has a lovely dealer waiting at the table to play out the various games for you whenever it takes your fancy. What makes live Blackjack such a popular place for players the world over is that you’re able to interact with the dealer just like you would in a real casino which helps to give a more personal touch to your gaming experience.

To play live Blackjack all you need to do is register an account with any online casino and head on over to their live casino section which can be found via either their homepage or games lobby. In this lobby you’ll find countless games of live Blackjack and all it’s variations. Simply find the Blackjack game you enjoy the most then pick between the many dealers that are offering this game to get started.

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When you select your table a livestream of the table will appear on the screen along with the dealer, the table, and your account balance + chips. You should also notice the deck of cards used here is far greater than normal and this is just so that everyone(even those on mobile) can see the cards clearly.

To make a bet in live Blackjack all you need to do is click the chip value you want to bet then click on the table where you’d like to place that bet after which the dealer will deal out the hand. When the action gets to you your options will appear on the screen and the dealer will ask you to make a decision. Once you’ve made your decision and everyone else has played out their hand any of the winners in the game will immediately see their account balance topped up with their winnings ready for the next game to begin again.

This is all there is to live Blackjack and the speed at which you can be face to face with a live dealer and enjoying yourself is simply unrivalled which is one of the many reasons live Blackjack has become such a hit. This is only the first of many reasons why choosing live Blackjack could be the choice for you with the second big factor being the bonuses that come with playing at these tables. The online casino is a very competitive market and so to attract you over to their site casinos will offer an incredible selection of bonuses which include no deposit bonuses to get you started off, matching deposit bonuses worth hundreds of pounds, as well as deposit £10 play with £50 deals too!

In the end though if you’re a fan of Blackjack then we’re sure you’ll love live Blackjack as it combines the best of the offline and online worlds by giving you all the sites and sounds of an actual casino but from the comfort of your own home!



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