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Play Live Roulette


If you’re a fan of the roulette wheel but you’re sick of all the time you need to waste travelling to the casino to enjoy it then we’ve got some great news for you – now you don’t need to as online casino now offer players “live roulette” which is an experience just like that of playing roulette at a live casino – except now it’s from the comfort of your own home!

Play live roulette casino games online

For those of you who really enjoy the atmosphere that a land based casino can build up then you’ll really love the live casino sections of an online casino as now you’ll be able to soak up that very same and rich atmosphere at a time that’s convenient to you.

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How this works is quite simple and it starts by logging into your favourite online casino and clicking on the “live” or “live casino” tab they’ll have displayed on their homepage. Here you’ll be met with a whole bunch of different live roulette tables offering roulette and it’s many variations at a variety of stakes. Additionally there will be plenty of tables that offer the same game of roulette at the same stakes as another except with a different dealer so it’s simply a case of picking your favourite to get started!

At this point all the hard work’s already done and when you click the table you want you’ll be transported into the casino where that dealer and roulette table is and after a quick greeting from the dealer you’ll be ready to play.

Playing couldn’t be any simpler as you’ll be shown your account balance and various chips of different denominations along with the roulette wheel’s betting table. You simply click the chip value you want to bet with then click again on the betting table to place your chip there. Once you’ve done this the lovely dealer will begin to spin the wheel at which point you’ll have another 20 seconds or so to continue betting or cancel any bets you aren’t happy with and when betting ends if you end up winning any money from your spin it will be immediately added into your betting account.


There are some additional features you get at a live roulette table that you won’t find in a land based casino such as a repeat bet feature as well as some more in depth analysis of the numbers that have been out recently making your experience all than more fun and easier.

When you’re done at any particular table all you need to do is close down that window and you and your balance will be taken back to the live casino homepage where you can choose another table to play at if you so wish.

The whole point of live roulette at an online casino is to combine the ease and comfort you get from playing at an online casino with the that rich atmosphere and personal touch you get at a land based casino which we think it’s managed to achieve pretty much perfectly.

So if you’re interested in stepping into the online world but still want that personal touch with it well now you have it in live roulette as not only will you be able to play your favourite game all while chatting along and having fun with the dealer, but you’ll also be able to do it from the comfort of your own home, with a choice of more dealers than ever before, and at a much wider variety of stakes as well!