Why Play at a Live Casino?


If you’ve clicked on the link to this page then you’re probably already starting to think about playing at a live casino and you just need a little bit of a push to finally make the jump. The good news as far as we’re concerned is that shouldn’t be too difficult a task to do as there are plenty of fantastic reasons why choosing a live casino is the perfect place to play.

Why should you play at a live casino

To start things off the first advantage we want to give you is the advantage it has over regular online casino table games as these games have many similar advantages to live casinos. The difference when it comes to these two mediums is the experience factor. While playing at an online casino is great it doesn’t quite have the personal touch that a live casino can provide and this is simply because you’re actually interacting with a real life dealer who you can joke around with as you play the games. It’s not only that but everything you’re seeing and hearing is completely authentic too so we’d have to say it’s just a better experience overall than your standard online play. The truth is that despite live casinos only becoming a mainstay with online casinos quite recently they already have 50% of the players playing at them which should go a long way in talking about the quality they can offer.

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Now the major advantage a live casino is able to offer over a land based casino is convenience, and it does that in several different ways. The first way is simply by being able to choose where and when you want to play. Because live casinos are offered via mobile, tablets, laptops, and PC’s the only thing that determines when and where you can play is your internet connection. This means that you can experience all the hustle and bustle of an actual casino while you’re tucked up in bed, while relaxing in the bath, or even while on your lunch break at work – the possibilities are endless! An additional factor that may be quite relevant to some people is the fact that there’s always a seat waiting at a table for you and you won’t have to fight your way passed a crowd to get to it like in a land based casino. This might not be the biggest thing in the world but when it comes to convenience why not get the best?

The second advantage that a live casino is able to offer over its land based counterpart is choice of games. There’s no doubt at your local casino there will be a handful of Blackjack and Roulette tables waiting for you to be played, and perhaps even a game of Poker too if you’re lucky! But does it have all the variations of Blackjack? Does it have Baccarat waiting for you to play? What about Sic Bo?

The difference between a live casino and a land based casino is that a live casino can offer you everything and it won’t just be one of each table either – there will be plenty! One of the reasons for this is purely just a space issue. Land based casinos are usually in city centres where space is a rare commodity and so they only pack the most popular games in to keep the majority of players happy. This isn’t the case with live casinos as their customers are all online so they have the freedom of where it is they place their casino. Not only that but because the player pools online are much larger than a live casino so this also means they have a bit more money to throw around and put into their tables.

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All that extra money that top live casinos have isn’t just being put into the extra games either, it’s also being put into some incredibly lucrative bonuses too that we’re sure you’re gonna want to take site’s up on. There’s one type of bonus we prefer to all others and that’s because it’s a free bonus that can turn into real cash prizes and that’s a deposit bonus. These bonuses are generally given out to players who register an account with the site where they’ll be given £10 or so to play around with, enjoy the site, and try make some money in the process. These bonuses aren’t just our favourite because of the free value you get they’re also our favourite because it means you get to check out a bunch of different sites and find the one that suits you best before making any sort of commitment.

When you are ready to make that commitment there’s a ton of places waiting to give you extra cash to play with just for choosing them. A lot of these bonuses will be matching deposit bonuses where if you deposit in the region of £50-£300 they will give you double that to play with or sometimes even more. And if that’s a bit more than you were looking to play with then there are also some smaller stakes deals around too where if you deposit £10-£20 you can often see that money being tripled to get you started. All in all the bonuses offered up by live casinos are pretty huge and you’d have to be mad not to get one before you start playing!

There are certainly a lot more reasons to playing at a live casino than we have laid out here however we’d say these are the main ones and they should give you a good idea about the perks you’re getting. Keeping that same vibrant atmosphere is always a good start while being given the freedom to choose where you play is even better. Either way whatever reason you like the most there can be no denying that live casinos are the place to be for any sort of player out there as there’s simply too many advantages for it not to be!

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