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Hi Lo Gambler

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A fast and engaging but really simple game, this game from Realistic Games lets you check your fortune. To be a winner, the player simply has to guess what he thinks the next card is going to be. The player needs to predict whether the next card will be black or red, higher or lower than the previous one. This game can be played at online casino UK.

About the Developer of Hi Lo Gambler

Agent Jane Blonde

Realistic games were established in 2002 and since then they have developed excellent casino games for noted gaming operators the world over. It is playable at online casino UK.

About the game

Agent Jane Blonde

The player has to predict the card that will be drawn next from the twelve playing cards displayed on the screen. There are stake up and stake down buttons on the screen. You are ready to make the bet, after selecting the stake. The game is available to play at online casino UK and it offers nine bet possibilities.

  • The next card is higher than its predecessor
  • The next card is lower than it predecessor
  • The next card is a snap, meaning it is same in value as its predecessor
  • The next card is an Ace
  • The next card  is an Ace or King
  • The next card is any picture card
  • The next card is black
  • The next card is red
  • The next card contains any number from two to nine

The winning card comes to rest face up on the screen, once the bet is selected. The player has two options if the card is as per his prediction. He can choose to continue playing and use his wins to pay for next bet. He can also choose to take all or some of his winnings.
In the case of you not predicting correctly, a new game will begin and the bet amount is also taken out from your balance. The greatest win comes when you predict ten times correctly and continuously. However, one incorrect guess will bring you back to the beginning and you will have to start over. The probability of winning is not changed as the cards are not withdrawn even after the predictions.


Agent Jane Blonde

Hi Lo Gambler is playable at online casino UK and has an impressive RTP of about 97.6%. An easy to follow game, this is ideal for both the beginners and more experienced players.