Live Casino Withdrawals

a>a>p>It’s quite a common thought process that new players have that goes along the lines of “yeah depositing will be easy….it’s the withdrawing where they’ll get ya!” and the fact is that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Online and live casinos nowadays will happily bend over backwards to make sure you get your money as quickly as possible as a happy customer to them is one who will come back and play their games again!

Withdrawing from a live online casino

It’s all well and good us saying this but we should probably give you a bit of information on the various ways they do this for players so you can get your hard earned cash in your possession. The first and most common way withdrawals are made from live casinos are through wire transfers to your bank. This isn’t the quickest way possible taking around 5 days to process but it’s one of the safest ways around – especially for large deposit amounts. There are some banks out there that have small charges for making these type of withdrawals so they wouldn’t be our personal go to if we had the choice.

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Our choice would be a Visa withdrawal which is the exact same method as a wire transfer except it’s done through your Visa credit or debit card instead. There’s some decent advantages to choosing a Visa transfer over a wire one namely that they usually only take 3 days to process so you get your money just a bit faster. The downside is that you must have a Visa card to use this method although every bank in the UK does offer Visa cards to their customers.

If speed is the key factor in choosing which withdrawal method to use then E-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller may be the ideal choice for you. Making an account with any of these places is really easy as you only need and email and password to get started. You can link these E-wallets to your actual bank if you want to transfer money there but getting the money from your live casino account to your E-wallet is much quicker which you can then go on to spend at an online store, deposit at another casino, or put into your bank account.

If it’s cold hard cash you’re looking for rather than a bank transfer then you’ll be pleased to know there is a withdrawal method that will give you cash directly. If you’ve ever noticed shops such as western union and wondered what else they do besides change currency for you well this is one of things. There are some online sites that let you transfer your money out via western union. How this works is that when you click withdrawal via this method you’ll be given a code which you then need to take down to a Western Union or any affiliated place and they will give you your cash there and then. The downside to this is there will often be charges involved in the transfer but it does give you another option if nothing else.

The final option is also the simplest and it’s a good old fashioned check. If you’re a bit old school and you like seeing a hand written check posted through your door then this is an option you can choose.

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In the end it doesn’t really matter which of the methods you choose as they’re all incredibly safe options so our advice to you is basically just pointing out the obvious – pick the withdrawal method that’s the easiest and most cost effective for you and enjoy your winnings!



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