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One of the most worrying things for players new to the live casino scene is making a deposit as online banking sounds like a lot of work and they’d much prefer the good old fashioned way of giving someone some cash and getting some chips to play with in return. You’ll be happy to hear however that depositing at a live casino really is that easy nowadays and even a child could do it so you should find it rather easy. You’ll be just as happy to hear there’s a bunch of different ways you can get money onto an live online casino so there will no doubt be a way that’s ideal for you.

Depositing at a live online casino

 The easiest way for you to make a deposit at a live online casino is through your debit card as not only is it quick and easy, but there won’t be a single live online casino that doesn’t accept this as a payment method. If you’ve ever done an online shop at Tesco or even Amazon then you’ll have already used this method online before and it’s simply a case of selecting your deposit amount, entering your card details, and then passing any safety checks your bank may have as an added measure. With this method your money will be in your account within seconds and your details can even be saved to make the process even quicker for next time.

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If you’re a bit more internet savy or simply want an added level of security then you can also make a deposit at a live casino through an E-wallet such as Paypal, Neteller, or Skrill. These services are basically online banking options which can save you having to put all your card details on each site and instead just put in your Paypal or Neteller details in their place. These sort of services can make transfers quickly and by linking them to your bank account it mean you never need to send anyone your bank details again.

If these options still aren’t for you then perhaps paying through mobile is, which is a brand new deposit method that’s only jsut come to online and mobile casinos the world over. To deposit through this method is incredibly simple and you start by clicking the pay by phone option in the cashier, selecting your deposit amount, and then confirming through your mobile phone to have your account instantly credited. The big advantage to this method is you don’t even need to pay there and then as it’s your phone bill that will be charged the deposit amount so you pay it whenever that’s due.

The final method is for those of you who like to deal in cash and it’s called Paysafecard and this works the exact same way a top up voucher works. Most shops on the highstreet nowadays sell Paysafecard vouchers and it’s simply a case of telling the shop assistant how much you want on the card. At this point you’ll be given a voucher with a code and you put that code into the live casino’s cashier to get your money on the site. The big advantage of this is you don’t need a bank account or any sort of account to get your money onto a live online casino.

These methods here are the main ways players make their deposits onto a site however there may be the one or two ways we’ve missed out although they will be uncommon. The most common way to make deposits is through your credit or debid card, and if you want an added measure of security you can do it through an E-wallet/ If you only have cash then Paysafecard is your best option and if you want to play before you’ve even been paid then pay by phone is the method for you!

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