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As the exploding name suggests, Big Bang Slots is an online video slots game powered by Best Online Casino UK. Offering every feature from Play Slots Online Extra Welcome Bonus Spins to a lucrative and tempting opportunity to bag the mega jackpot, Big Bang Slots ensures to provide the true and ultimate gambling adventure.

The game is mobile optimised as well as works on laptops and computer operating systems including Mac, Windows and Linux. So fire up the space shuttle and zoom in to load up your pocket with big bucks.

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The Ravishing Theme Play Slots Online Extra Welcome Bonus Spins – Out Of This World In Literal Sense – Play Now!

The theme used to create this online video slot casino game is influenced by one of the most prominent theories in science, The Big Bang. Thus, you are presented with lively visuals of the galaxy and astronomy-centric elements, waltzing around the space.

As the Balthazars Wild Emporium, a furiously burning sun is placed. It replaces all the icons.

The crisp and deep indigo backdrop of the virtual casino game is jotted with innumerable tiny stars, creating a mesmerising comet-like illusions and bodies.

Thus, to the sci-fi enthusiast gamblers, this Best Online Casino UK play is going to bode well.

The Signs And Symbols Used In Big Bang Slots

Apart from the wild symbol which is indicated by the blazing and fiery Sun, the other symbols used in the reels for 10, J, K, Q and A are delineated by shades of gleaming jewel tones of emerald, ruby, sapphire, gold and amethyst.

Other symbols are exhibited by stars, the moon and other heavenly bodies, giving a mirage look to this Baywatch Online Slot free spin play.

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The soundtrack and music synchronise well with the space-centric theme. The music features a lively modern day and ambient sound. The music intensifies with the gravity of the Play Slots Online spins are adorned with unique digital tone.

What Does Online Slots Extra Welcome Bonus Spins Enfold?

Online Slots Extra Welcome Bonus Spins Enfold

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The online casino game is built with five separate columns, three wows and 25 fixed paylines. The wagers are given a betting range of £0.01 to £50.

Thus, the minimum bet level in Play Slots Online is 1 multiplied with 25 pay-lines and the minimum range of betting, that is £0.01. Similarly, the maximum betting level becomes £50 when multiplied 4 with 25 pay-lines and 50 cents.

You’re free to choose from 4 separate bet levels and 6 different values of coins, they are 1 cent, 2 cents, 5 cents, 10 cents, 20 cents and 50 cents. Thus, bets can be placed from anything above £0.01to £0.5, the maximum capped bet.

One can play big bang Big Five Online Slot UK Gambling for £0.25 to £20 per spin. The best part of it all is that there is the option of Pay by Phone Bill and the mobile phone Mobile Slots. It’s astonishing to believe that a person can gain so much in one game. Online Slots Extra Welcome Bonus Spins.

The Added Features Of Online Slots Extra Welcome Bonus Spins

The most prominent feature it entails is the Progressive Multiplier Meter.

As soon as the winning combination flashes on the reels, the meter fire up and multiplies by 1. In this fashion after the first triumph, the subsequent winning of the following spin will be multiplied by 2. After this the meter will progress to the next level and multiply by 4.

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Hence, as long as the spins keep turning into wins irrespective of substituting Wilds, the meter will keep climbing up by one level. In this way, the winnings can be multiplied with 32. However, the meter will plunge down to square one if no winning combinations are formed. Free spins are provided in this Slot Machine game too.

Thus, you can gamble your way to play big bang theory slot machine and inflate your bank account with the ultimate bang theory slot machine payout of 250000 coins and brighten your astronomy in the true sense.

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Top Slot Site UK Slots Pay By Phone Bill

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