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If you are a fan of social media and frequently use messaging services, you will aware what emoji is all about. And there is a movie based on this fun filled subject too. Emoji Planet is a slot game based on the funny characters used as part of messaging services. This top phone casino game has a slot with five rows and six columns but there are no regular spinning reels. Instead, the symbols are won with five of a kind match and you get replacement symbols each time you make a win. This works like an additional chance for you to win too. To place your bets in this game, there are coin values starting from 20p and you can go up till £200 per turn.

About the developer of Emoji Planet

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This fun filled and entertaining top phone casino slot was developed by NetEnt. One of the largest suppliers of casino games to the online community. They have been in this industry for around twenty long years now and have created over a hundred games from a different category of games.

About the game


Emoji Planet

Visually, this top phone casino game looks very funny and colourful. The symbols of this game consist of a smiley face with laughing out loud gesture, a rocket, pizza, kisses, blue twin hearts, bomb, alien face and poop. The smiley face pays the highest reward of 40x with a minimum of five of a kind and 10000x for a full house, 30 symbol appearance. All winning symbols are replaced with new ones that help you increase your chances of winning. It kind of creates a chain reaction and that can help you win big. The star symbol is the bonus of this game but five of the base symbols contribute to special features too.

  • Star Bonus: The symbol of the star is the wild of this top phone casino game. It covers all the symbols of the game. A combination of any five of a kind including wild can help you make a win. Four wilds help you make a large number of combinations of symbols around them.
  • Emoji Features: The rocket, bomb, kiss, hearts and pizza are five symbols that trigger bonus features. Each of these symbols requires twelve of a kind win to add 1 count of the feature. Those twelve must occur in a single chain of wins. These give you bonuses such as symbols explosion, 3×3 symbol match, bonus wild, rocket wipe and multipliers.


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With plenty of funny animated effects and mind blowing bonuses, this top phone casino game makes winning an easy deal.


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