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French Roulette Gold

French Roulette Gold

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French Roulette Gold has a French-styled layout and is powered by Evolution Gaming. The online casino comes up with a slight difference from its European versions of Roulette games. While betting on the even numbers, if the players hit zero, they get half of the stake cashback instead of losing the whole amount. This rule is known as the La Partage rule giving the game a slight advantage over others. The game is available to play on the desktop as well as all types of mobile devices.

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Gameplay of French Roulette Gold

The fields of the table of French Roulette Gold have the instructions and names written in French language, however, once you point out on the sections, it will highlight all the possible wager options clearly. The players can save up to eight best of their betting layouts, monitor few basic statistics, or pre-select the neighbouring numbers using the Edit layout button.

French Roulette Gold

Once the wheel stops, the winning number gets displayed on the side zoom screen to give it a closer look. The players can go for higher risk inner bets like dozens and columns that can offer returns of 2:1. If you go for betting on a single number or combinations of numbers, the return that you can expect from the game may be between 5:1 to 35:1 returns on the total investments.

Online Casino offers special features

The game is packed with special features for the players to enjoy.

French Roulette Gold offers Autoplay feature to let the players keep the wheel moving up to 100 times on its own. Also, the players can put in the conditions to stop the wheel if in case the balance remains less than a specific amount or so.

The complete list of the French Roulette Gold bets include various additional call bets such as Tiers Du Cylindre, Les Voisins Du Zero, Finales En Plain, and Les Orphelins. The bet limits for the winning combinations can vary from £2 to £800. The bet can be between £2 to £100 for the straight bets for red/ black.

To Sum Up

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The La Partage rule helps the game to get an RTP of 98.65% making it a must-play for the players who love to try their hands on different Roulette games. If you are a beginner to try the French-based layout of a roulette game, then playing French Roulette Gold by Microgaming Software would be a good start. The game provides wide betting ranges and high winning stakes that attract the players and give them the expected dose of entertainment and fun.