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Fast Buck Lucky

Fast Buck Lucky

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For a top slot UK online game, you might need to consider playing a game that is quick and offers instant cash prizes as well. You should try out Fast Buck Lucky by IWG and you might never know when you fall in love with this game.

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Are you feeling lucky today? Well if you are, you might want to play the best top slots UK online game available. Fast Buck Lucky is a gem of a game and styled in a fast paced gameplay. This is a game for experienced online slots players that has their wits about them.

Newbies can also play this game, but they may take some time getting used to its fast pace. The possibility for amazing cash prizes is very high in this game and there are three mini-games that are designed to provide players with lots of chances to win big cash prizes. The three mini-games include; four leaf clover, lucky horseshoe and pots of gold.

This top slots UK online game gives players the chance to win cash prizes on each of these mini-games separately and to maximise their earnings when they combine their wins on all the mini-games.

Playability At Its Best In The Top Slots UK Game Online

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You start by selecting your bet and you do so by clicking on either the positive or negative button. By clicking on the positive button you will increase your bet and by clicking on the negative button you reduce it. With each mini-game you have an objective and the accomplishment of this objective will lead to you being rewarded with great cash prizes.

In the first game, you win when you are able to match up symbols to reveal a rainbow. For the second mini-game, you have to match up three similar cash icons; and in the third mini-game a win is achieved when you can match only two items on a row.

If you are lucky enough to win the three mini-games one after another, you will boost your winnings by as much as nine times (9x).


Best Slots Payouts

In this top slots UK online, you stand the chance of receiving a payout of £90.90 as the return to player (RTP) of this game is 90.90% and when you place a bet of £100 you will receive the said amount as a payout.

While this game is fast paced and experienced slot players will appreciate its speed, new online slot players can also play the game and watch as their playing skills improve with each passing game.