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Double Ball Roulette

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Doubleball Roulette is European-Styled roulette from Evolution Gaming that also comes with unique gameplay. This Online Casino game developed and released in 2016 is played using two balls. This is a complete departure from the single ball roulette you might already be used to. Read on to get more information about this online roulette game.

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Doubleball Roulette Played With Two Balls

Regular roulette games for both the land-based and online version are played using a single ball. In European roulette, there is just one zero available unlike the double zero seen in American styled roulette.

While Doubleball Roulette adopts European styled roulette rules, there is a slight difference. The difference lies in the bets, and the way wins are achieved. With Inside Bets, players will win as soon one of the two balls lands on a chosen number (i.e. the number on which a player has placed a bet).

However, players will win Outside Bets in this Online Casino game when the two balls land on a wagered section. One more thing that players should know is that for the Inside Bets your chances of earning a win is doubled. Although for the Outside Bets players chances of earning a win is reduced by as much as half.

Live Streaming Online Roulette

Double Ball Roulette

Players will get to play Doubleball Roulette live and in high definition. This is because Evolution Gaming has ensured that it brings a live feed of proceedings from its Studios in Riga, Latvia.

You will be required to quickly decide on which bets you intend making. In this roulette, you have only one minute to place your wager. As soon as you place your bets, the live dealer will get the game rolling by launching the two balls at once on the roulette wheel.

Massive Payout Available In Doubleball Roulette

Apart from Inside and Outside bets, players can also place ‘Gold bets’. There are two Gold bets available with one offering a payout of 35 to 1 and the other delivering a massive payout of 1,300 to 1.

The first Gold bet (35:1 payout) is a wager placed on the two balls landing on similar numbers. On the other hand, the second Gold bet (1,300:1 payout) is placed on the two balls landing on a wagered number.

To Sum Up

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With a creative, unique rules and gameplay, Doubleball Roulette should pique the interest of both new and experienced roulette players. There are multi-dimensional cameras available to enhance your viewing and gameplay. Gold Bets offer massive payouts and are another reason why this roulette is worth a trial.