Diamond VIP

Diamond VIP
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There are many online blackjack games available. However, for anyone in need of blackjack with huge payout potential, but high stakes – Diamond VIP may just be ideal. With a minimum bet of £1,000 allowed, this online blackjack is for very serious players. You can play this blackjack by Evolution Gaming via Online Casino and on a mobile device. Learn more from the review stated below.

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Betting Limits For Diamond VIP

With Diamond VIP you have both minimum and maximum betting allowed. When playing on Online Casino gaming site, your minimum bet is £1,000. You can only make this bet after opening an online account with the gaming site. With your account in the order, you can then make a deposit and place your bets to begin playing.

If you are looking to make a much larger bet, you can place a bet of as much as £5,000. This is the maximum bet allowed for this online blackjack game. You should also note that you can only play Diamond VIP in real-money mode. There is no practice mode available; this is a game for serious minded and experienced players.

Playing Under Standard Blackjack Regulations

Blackjack Diamond VIP

This online blackjack is played by the standard rules and regulations that typify the blackjack game. Players will play using eight decks of standard playing cards. You will be dealt a total of two faces up cards; you will be victorious when they have a hand equivalent to ‘21’(i.e. a blackjack).

A player will equally be victorious when they have a stronger hand than that of the prevailing dealer. Dealers will almost always ‘Stand’ on ‘17’. Side bets are allowed in Diamond VIP, and these bets include Perfect Paris, Pre-Decision and 21+3 side bets.

Diamond VIP Payouts

The payout for a ‘blackjack’ is equivalent to 3:1. However, the payout for general wins is 1:1. Players are allowed to make in-game decisions such as ‘Hit’, ‘Split’, ‘Stand’, ‘Double’ and ‘Bust’. As mentioned before the dealer will ‘Stand’ on ‘17’ and will win if he has a stronger hand than yours.

To Sum Up

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The layout of this online blackjack is luxuriously designed to highlight the prestige of this game. You can only get to play after deposits have been made to your online account and bets placed. With bets as high as £1,000, you will have to be prepared financially before you get in a game.

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