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Crossword Cash

Crossword Cash

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Evident from its name, Crossword Cash is a game full of riddles where you have to solve puzzles. Puzzles have always been a part of casino games and lots of gaming companies come up with crossword and puzzle games.  Being one of the developers of premier games, IWG too has come up with this all new Crossword game cash. At each level, you can win a huge number of prizes while solving puzzles. Indeed this is really an intelligent casino game that lets you utilise your brain and you have the scope to get good returns out of it. If you are looking for something that combines fun with intelligence, this is the game to play.

Crossword Game Cash

Crossword game cash has an interesting interface

Crossword Cash

One of the unique aspects of the game of the Crossword game cash is its interface. The whole interface is made of bright colours and provides the experience of a real crossword. The background is designed like a crossword puzzle and each level has a variety of distinct graphics. Moreover, there is a wonderful audio score to add to the realistic gaming experience.  At each move you make, there is a gaming audio that adds to the appeal of the game.

Bag winning combos as you solve Crossword game cash puzzles

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It takes a bit of clever strategy to emerge a winner in Crossword Cash. It has a design of a green colored crossword puzzle. You can use the “+” and “-” buttons to increase or reduce your betting amount. In order to fill up the puzzle box, use the grid with the letter on the screen. The prize table is located on the corner on the screen, and after the whole game is over the final prize is displayed. In order to complete the whole game, you need to match a total of 18 letters. At different levels you will be getting clues in order to guide you in the process.

In order to start playing Crossword game cash, you have to register first. Once you register, you can adjust your betting amount. Click the Play button to start the game and after the game ends, the final result and prize is automatically displayed on the screen.

Crossword Cash is a game worth-playing. It makes you use your brain and at the same time win prizes.