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Casino Hold’em

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The popularity of online casino needs no introduction. With plethora of games available, it has made the life of players more entertaining and comfortable. Casino hold’em is the latest addition to the otherwise wide range of collection.

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Casino hold’em is the latest variation of poker launched by NetEnt. It is a different form of Texas hold’em. It is sometimes also known by the name texas hold’em bonus poker.

Casino hold’em: the latest poker variant

The online casino game is quite easy to understand and simple to play. One needs to put up a bet to start the game. They also have the facility to strike a bonus jackpot bet. Two cards are dealt to every player, including the dealer. These are known as the hole’s card. One needs to bet twice the ante bet to play the hand. If the player decides not to play, the ante bet is lost.

Casino hold’em

Further , the dealer takes out three cards and places it at the centre. This is known as flop, these cards are facing up. These cards can be used by anyone to complete the set of five cards. The player is then required to place a bet again. However, this bet can be equal to the ante bet. Now, the player has the option to either play or bet. The condition of not betting is known as check.

Now, the fourth community card is drawn. This is known as turn. The player can again check or bet. The bet can be same as the ante bet. Finally, the fifth and last community card is drawn. The dealer then shows the best five cards that can be made. He, then, checks the best five cards of other players.

If the player’s bet is better than the dealer’s, he/she receives the money. Otherwise the player loses.

Play the dealer

In casino hold’em, the player has to play against the dealer instead of the other players. The player can make use of both the hole cards and the community cards to reveal the best five hand. If the player’s hand is weaker than that of the dealer’s, then the player loses all his bets including the ante bet.

Incase, the player opted for bonus jackpot bet then the dealer checks the hole cards and decides if it qualifies for bonus. This bet has the advantage that the player can win even if the hand is weaker than that of the dealer. A-Q, A-K or A-J makes the favourable bonus card combination.

Casino hold’em: Summing up

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Casino hold’em is a very interesting poker variation and is definitely recommended to the poker lovers.