Caribbean Stud Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker
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Poker games are amongst the favourites of the casino hoarders. With the advent of online casino, playing poker has become easier than before. Also, online casino has facilitated availability to countless interesting poker variants. Caribbean stud poker is one such variant of the poker game.

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Caribbean Stud Poker is poker variant found in both online and land based casino. It is based on the principle of five card poker. It has established itself as one of the most popular table games.

Caribbean Stud Poker: how to play

The dealer deals five cards to every player on the table. He reveals one of the cards and gives the rest four to the player. The players can now see their card and can decide to either bet or fold. After every player has made their decision and placed their respective bets, the dealer shows his card. He compares his hand with that of every other player. The dealer can only play if he has a king or an ace, a pair or other high ranking card combination. The players with hand less than the dealer lose their bet and ante. The ante and raise are pushed in the case of tie. If the dealer does not have a qualifying hand, raise bets are returned on the table and the ante bets are given back to the players.

Caribbean Stud Poker

The poker table has spots that tells the player where to place the bet. Also, player can opt for progressive jackpot feature before “no more bets” announced by the dealer. The player need to place a chip in the slot provided to play the progressive jackpot feature.

Rules and strategies of Caribbean Stud Poker

Every player in Caribbean Stud Poker is allowed to have just one hand. They are not allowed to wager on multiple hands. Also, players cannot communicate to dealer or any other player. If someone ends up doing that, then their wager becomes invalid and the hand is known as “dead hand”.

The most fruitful strategy for caribbean stud poker is to play A-K. If the dealer’s upward facing card is either a king or an ace, try playing A-K-Q or A-K-J hand. This is known as blocker effect.

To Sum Up

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Caribbean stud poker is a very unique variation of the poker game. It is quite appealing but requires patience and discipline.

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