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Blackjack games can differ from each other by using two distinct styles. One is to play around the rules and one is to add a unique side bet to the traditional blackjack. Blackjack Suit em up falls in the latter category. This game is available to play at Site for UK Casino Players where the players just need to pair the suit of their first two cards to win extra cash even before the hand begins.

About the Developer

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Felt Gaming is dedicated to bringing offline table games into the arena of internet casino gaming. They offer seven variations of blackjack and this is one of them. This game is accessible at Site for UK Casino Players.

About the Game

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This game is played with cards that are distributed from a shoe which has got six full decks of regular playing cards. You can also choose to play up to three hands at the same time with bets for each hand. It is convenient to play this game at Site for UK Casino Players.

  1. Basic Blackjack- Each hand is dealt two cards at the outset of the round. Both cards for the player rest face up, although the dealer receives one face up and one down. The game revolves around making a hand higher than the dealer to beat him. The perfect score is 21 and your win depends on how near you are to 21 without going overboard. You can pick any of the five options offered in the game, that is playable at Site for UK Casino Players.
  2. Side Bet- The players have a choice to take the option of Suit em up side bet at the beginning of every hand. You are rewarded if your initial two cards are of the identical suit and you lose if they are not. As the bets are determined directly after the hands are dealt, there is no planning involved in determining if you will win or not. The payouts depend on the two cards you get.
  • 2:1 for two suited cards
  • 3:1 for suited eleven
  • 5:1 for suited pair
  • 10:1 for suited blackjack
  • 50:1 for suited aces


Blackjack Suit em up

It provides great odds to the players along with presenting this classic game in an appealing and perceptive manner. This makes the game very easy to understand and amusing to play. It is possible to play this highly rewarding game at Site for UK Casino Players.

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