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Blackjack Perfect Pairs

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Blackjack Perfect Pairs is basically a version of classic Blackjack game which comes with the blackjack side bet option. This is a bonus game and it awards big payouts to the players if they are dealt matching cards to begin the hand.

About the Developer

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

NYX- Felt Gaming have developed this game. Their games are available to play on mobile, desktop and tablets in both the multiplayer format as well as single player format.

About the Game

Blackjack Perfect Pairs

If you know the rules of basic Blackjack then you should not have any problem adapting to this version. This game is played like basic Blackjack except that it comes with the option of Blackjack side bet. This game comes with total three betting options and those are:

  • Basic Blackjack- It is the typical game that’s played with six decks. Though it advances in a conventional manner, it has five positions on which you can place the bet. Aim to reach as near as feasible to a total of twenty-one and achieve a bigger score than the dealer. Afterward, you have five options. Take one more card for Hit. Stay with what you have for Stand. Provided that your cards make 10 or 11 you can increase your stake by two in Double. If the cards have the equal value you can split them and play two together as separate hands in Split. Lastly, you can Buy Insurance against a possible blackjack, if the dealer gets an  A card.
  • Perfect Pairs- This is the first of blackjack side bet and here you will be dealt a pair accompanying your initial two cards. Perfect Pair of identical cards will give you 30/1. A matching colour pair will get you 10/1 and Nonmatching colour pair gets you 5/1.
  • 21+3 Bet-  You are required to place your bet on the +3 area to play this. The dealer’s open cards and your initial two cards make a mini poker hand. You get 5/1 for Flush, 10/1 for Straight, 30/1 for Three of a Kind, 40/1 for Straight Flush and finally 100/1 for Suited Three of a Kind.

As the rewards are based on the cards you are given, there is no plan of action to follow, just plain luck and knowledge of Blackjack side bet.


Blackjack Perfect Pairs

The positive of this game is that you are able to play the basic version as well as Blackjack side bet. This boosts the capability of winning any credible large payouts on each hand.