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Blackjack Lucky Ladies

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What sets apart all the variations of Blackjack is the manner in which the side bets can be placed. There are some factors that make Blackjack Lucky Ladies little bit different than others. It adapts and combines the rules of both the American and European practice. However, the Blackjack online free bonus is what makes it unique.

About the Developer

Blackjack Lucky Ladies

NYX- Felt Gaming are the developer of this game. NYX Gaming Group provides flexible gaming solutions many lotteries, casinos, and gaming operators around the world. Felt Gaming was established in 2013 and offers games that are available in all formats.

About the Game

Blackjack Lucky Ladies

This game attracts the attention of those who want to play a different and unique version of Blackjack. It has a favorable interface and comes with the option of Blackjack online free bonus. It uses 6 regular decks of 52 cards without any jokers. The dealer will shuffle the cards at the start of every deal.

This game comes with these features:

  • Basic Blackjack- You get two open cards and the dealer gets one open card. To beat the dealer, you need to get more points on a box than him at no time exceeding 21. Every card increases your hand score. You will have a blackjack if you begin the hand with a 21, an ace and a ten point card. These cards invariably win, excluding the time when a dealer gets a blackjack.You will be offered insurance if the dealer gets an ace. It is worth half of your first bet and gives 2-1 in case the dealer has a 21.
  • Lucky Ladies Bonus- Queens are the preferred cards for this side bet, as it is clear from the name. Although total of twenty is also good and identical cards are better. Any Queen will get you even money. Any twenty rewards you with 3-1. Suited Twenty gets you 10-1. Matched Twenty will get 30-1 and Two Queens of Heart will reward you with 100-1. This will be rewarded irrespective of what happens in the main bet.
  • You are allowed to split only once, however, you are able to fully play out split aces. It provides you with an opportunity to achieve Blackjack online free bonus.


Blackjack Lucky Ladies

Blackjack Lucky Ladies is absolutely an exceptional game. If you want to play a lively, engaging game then this game with Blackjack online free bonus is for you.