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Blackjack Grand VIP

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Blackjack Grand VIP is an online blackjack that can be played on Online Casino gambling site. This is a blackjack for experienced gamblers and comes with a betting limit of £500. This game is played under standard blackjack rules and involves the use of eight card decks. Read the review below to learn more.

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Understanding Blackjack Grand VIP

With Blackjack, Grand VIP players can only play under real-money mode. This game adopts standard blackjack playing rules. Players will win if they have a ‘hand’ that is stronger than that of the dealer. Players will win with a hand of “21” as well. However, where the dealer’s hand is stronger than that of the player, the player loses.

This blackjack is played using eight decks of standard playing cards. The Aces in the decks are rated at ‘1’ or ‘11’ while the other cards in the decks are rated at ‘10’. As a player places his bet, he will be dealt two faces up cards. Two other cards are then dealt in the bar with one card dealt outdoors and the other indoors.

Flexible Gameplay Allowed

Blackjack Grand VIP

In Blackjack, Grand VIP players have several gameplay options available. By having a ‘hand’ consisting of cards adding up to ‘21’ you would have achieved a ‘Blackjack’. You win with a blackjack regardless of the dealer’s ‘hand’.

Where a ‘blackjack’ is not achieved, then you may decide to explore other playing options. Some of the other options available to a player include; ‘Double Down’, ‘Split’, ‘Stay’ and ‘Request’. An ‘Insurance’ is also allowed in this blackjack. Players can be dealt a hand known as a ‘17 Hard’ which involves cards without an ‘Ace’. They can also be dealt a ‘19 Soft’ which involves an ‘Ace’ (rated 11) and another card with a rating of ‘8’.

High Betting Limit For Blackjack Grand VIP

Online Casino gaming site will offer you an opportunity to play Blackjack Grand VIP once you have opened an account with them. This game has a betting limit of £500 for each session. Players can place bets as high as £5,000 on this site, but this may differ from one gaming provider to another.

To Sum Up

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What makes this a very playable online blackjack game is the fact that it is accessible on most mobile devices. The game design and layout are very good, and the payouts are equally impressive. If you are a high stakes blackjack player, you should seriously consider playing this game.