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Baccarat Control Squeeze

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Evolution Gaming- casino games provider who has developed Baccarat game series has added one more to it titled “ Baccarat Control Squeeze”.
This online casino game will not online allow you to interact with the players and the dealer. Along with there is a squeeze control feature which is introduced to give you the real world experience similar to the casinos of Macau.

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Steps To play Baccarat Control Squeeze

The online casino game is made for high rollers who are willing to wage more. Baccarat Control Squeeze follows different concept from other live casino games. This time the player will squeeze the card and not the dealer. But all the camera action will be done by the dealer himself. Prior to the start of the game, you will be given 15 seconds of time to place the bets or leave the table. To place the bets you have to choose the coins present on the small transparent screen between the game display.

Baccarat Control Squeeze

Now four cards will be dealt from the 8 decks of standard cards and distributed to the player and the banker equally. All the cards are hidden using the optical filters which will be revealed when you click on the top right corner of the card. Any player could peel off the cards optical layer. The game screen is designed in such a manner that the players could peel off the layer present over the cards easily. This new feature could be practised without placing the bets.

The game is shot by 15 HD cameras mounted all around in the company’s studio. Out of all, the main camera is installed on top of the table and two of them installed under the game table to give you a clear view of the cards.

Key characteristics of the game

There are 15 HD cams in total to cover all the great action of the game.
Give you the real like experience of Macau Casinos.
The option of side bets which starts at 5 and goes up to the maximum of 15000.
Follow traditional Baccarat game rules and the payouts.
Chat with the dealer and other players.
Playable on any screen size whether it is a desktop or any other smartphone devices.
Added to all these features is the squeezing controls which are given to the players.

Baccarat Control Squeeze Verdict

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The good thing about Baccarat Control Squeeze is that you can play it in HD quality on any device without worrying about the visual quality. Evolution Gaming has very well maintained its name through this innovative game.