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Auto Roulete VIP

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Being a VIP comes with many benefits, and in Auto Roulette VIP this is no different. This Online Casino roulette is one where the wheels spin automatically. Players can play as many as 80 sessions in just under one hour. What is most interesting about this online roulette is that you can start playing with a token amount of £0.20. Read this review for a bit more detail on this roulette.

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The Rapid Gameplay Of Auto Roulette VIP

With a total of 80 sessions being capable in one hour, Auto Roulette VIP is a rapidly played game. After bets have been placed the wheel will begin to spin automatically. The speed between the placing of a bet and the actual session is quite fast.

You may have a previous bet played back in the subsequent session, or you may place a fresh bet if you so desire. However, whatever you decide to do has to be done quickly as the game’s pace is quite fast.

The Minimum And Maximum Betting Limits

Auto Roulete VIP

Now Auto Roulette VIP is specially designed with high stakes gamblers in mind. However, the developers have left an avenue for low stakes roulette players to get a feel for this all-action game. With as little as £0.20 for each spin of the wheels, you can get to experience the fast pace of this game.

If you are ready to take greater risks, you may up your bets and wager more significant sums for greater returns. The house edge in this Online Casino game is 2.70%, but players can place bets as high as £20,000.

Before you can start playing you would need to register on a gaming website. You will also have an account on this website, place a deposit and then play on the sites real-money mode. This is the only mode in which players can play this online roulette.

Auto Roulette VIP Bets And Payouts

You can get to play Inside and Outside Bets in Auto Roulette VIP. Bets can be made even when the wheel is spinning, but now while the wheel is about coming to a stop. This online roulette also comes with a La Partage rule.

This is found in French-styled roulette games and players will get 50% of their bets if the ball on the spinning wheel points to zero. Players will receive a payout ranging between 1 to 1 and 35 to 1 for either of the Inside or Outside bets.

To Sum Up

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Low and high rollers can enjoy playing this online roulette due to both the minimum and maximum betting limits. However, to get a taste of the action placing a bigger bet is just ideal. This is true especially because of the 80 sessions that can be achieved in only 60 minutes.