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Live Baccarat Online | Dos & Don’ts

Live Baccarat Online: Top Tips For Real Money Wins is a licensed gambling website that is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and Gibraltar Gaming Authority. We are certainly one of the best UK casino websites which has a variety of games both online (desktop) and in the mobile according to the convenience of the players. Join thousands of players across the UK winning real money playing online, with live baccarat online being the top attraction.

Live Baccarat Online Games

The live casino includes Blackjack, Roulette, and Baccarat. These games are designed or streamed in HD quality with high-quality audio which gives the player unforgettable gaming experience. Signup to receive deposit bonus deals and use this to help improve your live baccarat online betting strategy. 

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What is Live Baccarat Online?

Live baccarat, one of the many casino games you can play here, can be said to be the most interesting one. It is a simple card game where two hands are involved – one being the player and the other, the banker. The game revolves around the players betting on the concept of whether the banker’s hand would be closer to the total of nine (or a tie) or it would be the player’s.

  • Eight decks of the fifty-two playing cards are usually played with, in the game of live baccarat online
  • As mentioned above, two cards are dealt with each player. An extra card can also be dealt with by following the concept of the third card rule
  • The winner is the hand that scores closest to nine but if both the cards have the same value, the game ends in a tie. Thus, the maximum number of cards each hand can deal with is only three

Baccarat Live

Baccarat Winning Tips: Do’s and The Don’ts

It is always best that one knows potential information regarding live baccarat in order to avoid silly mistakes and lose their chances of a big win.


Secure gambling: Always have a separate bank account for gambling with some money in it. This would always make way for secure gambling.

Online casino bonuses: Always have an eye for online casino bonuses, offers, and promotions. They would be of great help at times during your game.

Go ahead and bet with the banker: Yes, you read that right. The banker’s bet has a 1.06 % house edge which is lower when compared to the player’s bet that is 1.24%.Usually, players hesitate to bet on the banker due to the 5% commission that the player bet lacks. But usually betting on the banker is more favourable due to the low house edge.

Etiquette is important: Live Baccarat is a multiplayer game played by real people from various parts of the world. So it is very important to be polite to everyone in the game for a better gambling experience.

Find tables with fewer decks of cards: Tables with fewer decks of cards have lower odds than the ones with the maximum decks of eight. Always know the fact that lower the odds higher the chance of winning.

Know the rules properly: Winning cannot be guaranteed even by the best online UK casino.
It depends upon how a person selects a game by interpreting its rules and how he/she makes his/her bet by understanding the said rules.


Instant wins can be a trap: Patience is always the key and it applies to live Baccarat as well.
Never look for opportunities to earn a lot in a short time. They can backfire and put one at a loss. Plan your game and start with small bets because they are less risky.

Don’t rely on strategies too much: When it comes to playing in a live casino, knowing the rules is important but knowing and memorising strategies are actually unnecessary. This game is a game of probability, similar to rolling a dice, thus there is no perfect way to predict the outcome of the next hand. Also, other players can know about your strategies with keen observation and use them against you in no time.

Know your limits: Always have a fixed budget and do not get carried away even when you are winning or losing. Having a fixed budget is basically making one set their own limit or say, a boundary to play within

Avoid tie bets like the plague: Never bet on a tie, because usually, it ends in a disaster. Tie bets have a very low probability of being successful and is extremely rare. It is, of course, tempting as they yield a greater win but it is better to be happy and contented with what one has than losing everything.

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