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If you’re looking for a straight up answer that can save you a bit of time reading the many paragraphs we have to prove to you that a live casino is a safe place to play then we can simply tell you yes – there is nothing dodgy about playing at a live casino and if there was there’d be no chance in hell we’d be writing so much about them! We’re even a regular player at them ourselves too so if you’re also looking for first hand accounts we can attest to how safe they are ourselves. Now if you’d like to learn what it is that makes live casinos such a safe place to play then read on and we’ll give you all the information you need to know to put your mind at rest.

Is it safe to play at a live casino

The first thing you’ll want to know when it comes to the safety of a place is that so long as the casino has a license then you’ve got nothing to worry about. These aren’t things that can be faked either and we’re sure if you went on the first 50 sites you found none of them would be without one. If you want to check that a site has a license then all you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of that page’s site where it will be clearly displayed and they’re basically a seal of approval from the government letting you know these are safe and trustworthy places.

The thing that makes a license such a good marker as far as safety is concerned is that it’s a long and lengthy process to get one and the things the licensing agency test things for go far beyond what you might expect! There are quite a few different licensing agents out there however if it’s a casino that’s operating in the UK it’s the UK gambling commision it needs to go through and here are the checks that they make to ensure everyone’s safety.

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The first thing on the list is to do a full identity check on the person who’s applying for this license. This is basically to check the person is exactly who they say they are so they know who’s liable and is running the show. Once they’ve confirmed the person is exactly who they claim to be they will then look into that person’s background checking for any criminal activity like fraud and then into their personal finances to make sure they have enough money to actually run a casino. The final check they make about the person in question is what sort of experience the applicant has in the casino industry as they are not going to allow someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing to run a casino. If all these checks are passed you can be rest assured you have a good owner at the helm however this is only the first hurdle jumped in getting a live casino license.

What follows after this is an in depth look at the site itself to make sure everything is up to scratch there as well. This starts by checking the coding of the site to make sure there are no bugs in it anywhere, be they big or small so that nothing will ever go wrong while you’re playing a game. If they’re happy with that they’ll then go on to look at the cyber security that the new site will have in place to make sure that it’s more than capable to keep players funds and personal details completely safe.

If the UK gambling commission are happy with what they see here their next act of conduct is to check the games and promotions that are on offer. Firstly they want to make sure that the games are made completely fairly with random number generators and such as well as making sure that no one person has either an advantage or disadvantage compared to anyone else playing the games. Then they will take a look at all the bonuses and promotions that will be made available on the site to check they won’t be ripping anybody off and it’s all above board.

If everything here has been passed and the UK Gambling Commission are happy with what they’ve seen then the final check they do is to make sure like things such as player funds and and business funds are kept separate so the business itself if being run properly.

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If you think the UK gambling commission has a lot of checks in place then you may be surprised to hear that passing this test will only grant you a gambling licence for around a year or so where you will have to reapply for a new one and everything will be tested yet again. Not only that but the gambling commission will also do checks from time to time to make sure the standards are maintained at a constant high level.

And when it comes to live casinos there’s even an added layer of security in that it’s the gaming developers who produce the games for the casino not the casinos themself and the developers don’t make any extra money if a player wins or loses and their sole priority is to make a fun and engaging game! And to go one step further than that each game will be tested individually as well in a similar manner to what the casino has.

So if you are wanting to know about the legitimacy of a site there’s really is only one thing you need to look out for and that’s its gambling license as one of these will let you know that the people behind it have the means and knowledge of how to run a live casino, the games are safe and fair, and to top it all you won’t need to worry about getting paid out from promotions as they’re just as fair too!