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Готовина Бастер

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Готовина Бастер is an online slot game that will provide you with a lot of opportunities to win amazing cash prizes right from the first day you play. This is an amazing инстантвин новац игра that you can start to play right from today if you want to earn some quick money.

Доживите Тхе Греат Гамеплаи Он Иоур ИнстантВин Монеи Гаме

Instantwin Money Game

са Готовина Бастер, you can be sure of terrific gameplay and a user-friendly interface. You start playing this инстантвин новац игра by adjusting your stake amount when you click on either the plus sign to increase your stake or the minus sign to reduce it.
You then proceed to place your wager and start the game by clicking on the ‘Play’ icon. Every game you start, you are permitted to roll a dice eight times.

You might be wondering what a dice has to do with a slot game, well IWG decided that for this game they would introduce a dice-styled system rather than stick to the more traditional reels and spins. Once the dice are rolled, the face of the dice is coloured and it is this colour that will be matched up with the coloured blocks located in the cash buster zone. A win occurs when you are able to match up the colours.

Додатни среце се постиже када сте у стању да уништи Ектра Ролл блокова приказане у овом инстантвин новац игра. With the extra roll block destroyed and an additional opportunity for you to roll the dice, you can win big cash prizes if lucky.

ИнстантВин Новац игра са разликом

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IWG really set the bar high with this game, by doing away with the usual reels and spin features that are on most slot games and replacing it with a dice roll feature, they have piqued the interest of both new and experienced slot players.

As mentioned earlier, winning is achieved when you match the dice colour with some coloured blocks in the Cash buster zone. Instant cash prizes are won once you are lucky enough to accomplish this task.


Best Slots Payouts

With this game, you have a return to player (RTP) of 85.30%. This инстантвин новац игра is fun to play and if you want an online slot game that offers something different in terms of the gameplay experience, then this game could just be the perfect one for you.