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Blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the category of table games. Many Blackjack UK Bonus Site have a different variation of this interesting game available for the players. Blackjack 21+3 is one such variation which is an amazing combination of two games- blackjack and 3 card poker. Both these games are interesting in themselves and Realistic Gaming has brought them together to make this experience even better. The special bet feature makes it even more lucrative for the players. The graphics and sound effects have been designed appropriately to pump up the excitement in the players.

The Blackjack Features

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This is an American version of the blackjack where the players are given an option of the side bet along with the normal one available on every Blackjack UK Bonus Site. Six decks of 50 Scratch Card Games Top Tips. On the table, there are three boxes, all of which can be used simultaneously. You can place 1, 2 or 3 bets at a time. The credits equal to 50p to £$€1000 can be used collectively per bet. The payoff is just like any other blackjack game. The table is in a beautiful maroon colour which is a change from the classic green Blackjack table. All the information is clearly mentioned. The best feature about the design is that it is very simple and the player can see everything very clearly. The RTP of this game can reach up to 99.63%.

The Gameplay

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This is one of the most famous Live Blackjack and the reason for this is its amazing features. The basic gameplay is same as the others where the dealer deals the cards and the player has to reach a total of 21. Anything more than that, he gets bust. The side bet can range from 10p to £250. It can only be placed with the main bet although it can be drawn independently. The payoffs of this bet are huge; Flush-5:1, Straight- 10:1, Three of a Kind- 25:1, Straight Flush- 40:1, Three of a kind of the same suit- 100:1. Various offers on this blackjack variant are available at the Blackjack UK Bonus Site which can help you win some more amazing rewards.

The Last Words

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Blackjack 21+3 is a very interesting variant of the classic blackjack game with the side bet feature and huge RTP. The availability of the various Blackjack UK Phone Slots No Deposit to play. All the rules are mentioned on the info tab of the game for the ease of the player. All in all, it is one game that should be on the list of all the Blackjack lovers.

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